Two Ramsgate teens arrested over stabbing in Folkestone

Image Kent Police

Two teenage boys from Ramsgate have been arrested in connection with a serious assault in Folkestone.

Kent Police was called at around 8pm on Tuesday 17 May to a report of two groups of people causing a disturbance in a car park in Middelburg Square

Two teenage boys were treated at the scene for stab wounds and have been taken to hospital where they both remain in a stable condition.

Two boys from Ramsgate, aged 14 and 15, have been arrested in connection with the assault and remain in custody while enquiries at the scene continue.

It is believed that the victims and the suspects are known to each other.

Anyone who witnessed the assault or has any information regarding it should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/94188/22.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form on their website at



  1. Time to get tough with knife crimes NOW!!!

    14 & 15 carrying a knife and sod the age restrictions and name and shame these feral scum!

    • Parents and guardians need to accept and take responsibility for their offspring. If your Not old enough or mature enough to raise children then don’t have them, can’t afford kids then don’t have them, not willing to raise kids responsibly then again don’t have them. Poor parenting is the cancer that’s responsible for the feral scum that roam Englands streets and cause misery for the majority of law abiding citizens.

      The government is not to blame for poor parenting, it’s laughable that people blame the government rather than the parents. Perhaps if the parents were actually punished for their feral kids antisocial behaviour and criminal activities the parents might actually start caring what their kids are up too and actually start being parents rather than trying to be their kids mates. It’s down to the parents to invest their time and energy into raising their own kids. Crack down on poor parenting and the feral scum that roam our neighbourhoods would soon disappear

  2. Most young people carry knives for protection… fact .. the police need to do something different .. its obviously not working.. fact

  3. The schools used to have good citizenship lessons telling kids that getting involved in drugs and crime and violence could ruin their prospects and ruin their life in more ways than one but of course the Tory government cancelled those lessons in schools because it wasn’t on the national curriculum that’s the same Tories who cut the police numbers by 20,000 officers. The same Tories who increase the cost of living to a 30 year high.

  4. How about parents and family members educating their children about what’s right or wrong and stop looking to blame the government for everything that happens!

    Kids know right from wrong but choose to be Sheep and follow the Shepherd!

    That Shepherd is someone they think is great and parents need to be the Shepherd before their kids kill or seriously change a life forever!

  5. Oh no, of course it’s the government’s fault the parents never reduced the police by 20,000 the parents never cancelled the good citizen lessons. Boris Johnson is a bad example to children if he himself BROKE THE LAW while parents were no doubt abiding by the law from nstructions from the government over Covid rules. It is the likes of you who let these self serving morons get into public office by voting for them.

  6. Oh poor Labour Bill!!

    Like the labour party have acted in the good of the country in the past and present day!

    Bore off Red Bill and go protest.


    Stop finding angles to blame a government that was no better when Red!

    Sad little man

    • Oh no

      It’s not as black and white as to blame these parents.

      The parents have been let down by society and the system in this country.

      The tory closed pits, steelworks, shipyards etc. We had lots of factories in thanet and the surrounding area, most have now gone.

      Generations of families havent had real work, nothing to look forward, their homes havent been maintained properly by TDC. We see all of of mo ey being pumped into the art sector, that’s not what is needed. We need funds to help break this viscous cycle. We need things to make these people feel part of society instead of feeling outside of society.

      TDC and national governments have failed time after time to deal with this problem. Governments are only interested in the people that will vote for them.

      This area is a tory stronghold, they dont give a dam about working classes or people struggling to make ends meet.
      There has been a huge increase in money in thanet but it isnt spread around.

      Porsche are as common as muck now we see ferraris, Lamborghinis, maclaren etc. When I was growing up here you never saw a super car, never.
      So they is lots of money in thanet, look at the house prices and private rent prices.

      So it’s not as simple as just blame the parents, if their parents failed them. The cycle needs to be broken but the powers at be only want to look after their voters , the ones with money, flash cars and houses after all this is a tory stronghold.

      This area is a shining example of how the Tories rule.

  7. My son is still in kings college Hospital from the last stabbing in Ramsgate. I think its time the local MP is addressed.

    • Sorry to hear about this. Hope they recovery fully and quickly.

      Craig only cares about things that he has investments in. Southern Water, The airport etc, if he doesn’t get paid for it he doesn’t care. This is especially true of children suffering. That’s his least important topic – check his voting history.

      • I have contacted Craig Mackinlay who is the Mp for Ramsgate. They told me as I live in Birchington I need to contact Roger Gale who is the Mp for my area. Pass the buck or what ?

  8. Even the poorest of parents can still raise their offspring to know right from wrong and guide them to be responsible with a good moral compass. Poor parenting regardless of how much money you have breeds feral kids and future criminals. Its time parents are made accountable for their useless parenting skills.

  9. good luck with finding old roger , still its garden party and dog show season coming up , no doubt you will find him at one of those spouting his wisdom

    • Well its worth a try. Anything is worth trying to stop this pointless violence. Or we could just all moan on here and do nothing about it.

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