Two boys arrested over attempted Cliftonville burglary

Kent Police stock image (@kentpolicethan)

Two school-age teenagers from Margate have been arrested on suspicion of burglary, with one also arrested over possession of a BB gun.

The arrests follow a call to an attempted burglary in Ethelbert Terrace, Cliftonville, shortly before 9pm on Sunday 15 May. Kent Police received a report that a member of the public had disturbed some people who had been seen trespassing into a private yard in the road. Damage had also been caused to the property.

Officers attended the scene and broadcast the description of the suspects via their radios, resulting in a nearby patrol stopping and arresting two people seen in an alleyway close to Ethelbert Crescent.

Two boys from Margate, aged 13 and 14, were arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary and criminal damage and taken into custody. The 14-year-old boy was also arrested on suspicion of possessing an imitation firearm after officers recovered a BB gun.

They have been released on bail until 8 June while enquiries continue.


  1. Be interested to know why they weren’t at school and their nationality. When I had the misfortune to live in Cliftonville I saw far too many kids not in school from the European community.

    • We have got a justice system controlled by left leaning liberals and an army of left leaning social workers that believe in community sentencing and keeping offenders in the community , no wonder crime is out of control. People do not fear community sentencing.

      The police think just like the majority of society that criminals belong behind bars and are sick of arresting the same scum on a weekly basis only for a liberal judge to pass yet another community based sentence aka a free pass.

      • This Gove closed hundreds of police stations and court houses and even prisons, got rid of over 25000 front line police, now the prisons are over full and the courthouses severely backlogged, judges have been instructed to go light and only jail as a last resort

    • 9 PM on a Sunday, why would they be at school? Are there are any schools open on the weekend & to that late?

    • What has that got to do with anything
      Kids are allowed to walk streets. If their go out with criminal intent they will be arrested if caught. You saying any child on the street can’t walk down it?

  2. Bring In the ARMY set up road blocks search everyone get drone cctv flying about all the time .. have a curfew 6pm to 6am .. get boots on the ground .. make it difficult for the feral youth to trade in mysery.. they spread fear throughout Cliftonville.. some one HELP US !!@

    • Mate maybe just put a big barbed wire fence around thanet and call it a concentration camp.thisvis a couple of young kids not the whole population of thanet .really I can’t believe you think like this .How about finding something for the young to do where they may learn some morals of life

      • Like what exactly. You going to action this or just talk like everyone does. Moaning does nothing.
        Thanet Council provide nothing for youth facilities
        Shame on councillors too it’s your job too.

      • The temporary fencing off of certain areas and putting troops on the ground for a few months would help.. at least people won’t be afraid to go out .. scared witless by these feral youth gangs !! Marshal law in parts of thanet would reduce crime rates to zero ..

  3. Joris Bonson, you say you are interested why they weren’t in school , I was never in school at 9pm, like many other people, unless you went too a boarding school.
    That may explain it for you, hope that helped you.

  4. nothing new here , just another day in the crime ridden fleapit , now put a spin this one

  5. I read the headline and guessed content of comments…

    Kids these days. No respect (I’m uncle Albert voice)

    What nationality were they?

    Get them in the army…

    It’s the lefties fault.

    Well done once again I won bingo….

    Lefty foreign kids should be sent to Chad immediately and U.K. would be a brilliant place.

    Another case solved by the genius posters here.

    • Crazy isn’t it mate I am sure a bit of guidance would the old days the local copper might slap you round the ear and tell you a thing or to but it worked

    • No they don’t they say what little englanders say to explain away all their own fears and issues and vote for the same government that caused and fails to sort the issues. I’ve never blamed “the youth of today” or “foreigners” for our own issues

  6. Wondering if the parents/carers have been informed as to what their little darlings have been doing? If they have I’ll bet it’s a case of ‘dont do it again’ as a form of punishment! If I had done this as a teenager i wouldn’t have been able to sit down for a week! AND it would have taught me a lesson too.

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