Margate man jailed for 10 years and 10 months for sexual offences against a child

JAILED: Aron Scott

A prison term of more than 10 years has been imposed on a man who carried out a series of sexual offences against a child in Thanet.

Some of Aron Scott’s offences took place more than a decade ago, when the victim was just six years old. She later told her family about Scott’s behaviour and they contacted Kent Police in 2020.

Her disclosures led to an investigation by the East Kent Vulnerability Investigation Team, who charged Scott with multiple sexual offences in September 2021.

Scott, of Birds Avenue, Margate, later admitted 12 charges including rape of a child, sexual activity with a child and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and, on Wednesday 11 May, he was jailed for a total of 10 years and 10 months.

An indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order was also imposed on the 27-year-old to prevent future offences following his release.

Scott’s offending began when the victim was aged six and he would encourage her to engage in sexual acts. The offences continued when she was in her early teens and Scott raped her on a number of occasions.

Detective Constable Susan Kingsnorth, Kent Police’s investigating officer, said: “These offences began when Scott was a child himself, but continued well in his adulthood.

“The impact on his victim is difficult to underestimate and I would like to praise her for telling her family and then supporting us as we built the case that has now seen Scott jailed for a significant period of time.

“I would urge anyone who is being or has been sexually abused, or anyone who knows of a child they fear may be the victim of such offences, to contact police immediately. We will take action to protect the victim and bring any offenders to justice.”


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