Part of The Broadway closed following collision

Emergency services at The Broadway

UPDATE: Road now open

Emergency services have closed part of the road at The Broadway in Broadstairs by the viaduct following a collision.

Two ambulances and police car are at the scene after a teenage girl was hit by a vehicle. She is understood to have suffered minor injuries after reportedly trying to dart across the road.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a report of a collision involving a car and pedestrian in The Broadway, Broadstairs, at 1.50pm. Officers are currently at the scene along with the South East Coast Ambulance Service.”

The Loop and No. 9 Stagecoach services are currently  being diverted down Gladstone Rd/Osborne Rd/The Broadway.


    • As can be seen in the photo, there are railings dividing the road from the path – so it appears perhaps that she either jumped the railings or she was playing ‘dare’ . . . and lost !

      Hopefully other teens who deliberately walk or run across the road in front of moving vehicles will take note (and parents will teach their offspring the Green Cross Code).

  1. Yes another moron with a phone.Too preoccupied and full of self importance ,to realize that cars use it.

    • Yep , all the time , people walking across the road talking on a phone oblivious to what’s happening around them !

  2. Either ban cars or people clearly both can’t coexist.. maybe have safe zones which the army can patrol at certain times ie school times ? Something needs to be done ASAP it’s not safe out their ! Save our souls SOS !

  3. She was not on her phone. She misjudged the time it would take to cross. She did not jump the railings, she was carried by the car from Cramptons to where she fell. It was an accident
    What about some kindness. How about I’m glad she’s ok.
    People are too quick to condemn

    • Dawn I am glad she’s OK my point is there are too many cars on the road ban them or make pedestrian only zones that’s all

        • Why not cross the road at the traffic lights?They are not far away.Oris that a nasty,judgemental comment?If she couldn’t make it across the road in time,surely she should not have been foolish enough to attempt it.

      • Or expect pedestrians to make better judgements on when its safe to cross. Though the explanation from Dawn seems a bit odd, must be about 100yds from Cramptons to the point shown in the photograph, well over the stopping distance if travelling at 30mph , a long waybto be carried by a car that must have known it’d hit someone, all a bit odd.

  4. Love reading all these ‘I know everything’ comments –
    She was hit 100 mtrs away & the driver never realized until he got to the Broadstairs bridge was one of the best ever – Sounds like he was doing 100mph lol and the car is facing the opp way.
    If anyone jumps across the road in front of you, you are already on the brakes I could stop in 2 feet @ 30mph with an Anti-Lock Braking System fitted to almost all cars these days.
    Very lucky girl with only minor injuries – I wish her a speedy recovery.

  5. So so sorry Dawn if asking why she couldn’t use a crossing upset you!!

    “She misjudged it”?

    So basically tried to take a chance to save a second and ended up taking longer!

    I’m sorry BUT enough is enough now.. teach kids how to cross the road… bring back Tufty and the Green Cross Code Man or “Person”.

    Too many think oh “they’ll stop for me”
    Drum it into their thick heads before they become a statistic!

    Also more crossing places around would be nice!

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