Invite to learn how to create your own wildflower garden

Let wildflowers take over your garden

Cliftonville East Councillors, along with the Palm Bay and Northdown Community Group and Friends of Botany Bay, are hosting a “No Mow May” open day on Saturday, May 28.

They will be demonstrating how you can build on the success of No Mow May by creating a year round wildflower meadow in your garden that benefits pollinators and can also look fantastic if done correctly.

“Creating a wildflower meadow doesn’t mean your garden will look scruffy, quite the reverse” says Cliftonville East Councillor, Cedric Towning. “We will be there with experienced gardeners explaining the process towards converting some of your green space to wildflower meadow. It’s a great opportunity to access free, expert advice on the tools and costs involved – which are surprisingly minimal.”

The event will be at Knockholt Road, CT9 3HP, at 10:30am on May 28. This site is where Friends of Botany Bay are already one year into the process transitioning a former neglected scrubland into a beautiful wild flower meadow.

Visitors will be able to meet the volunteers who are involved in the transition and get advice on how to recreate this at home. There will be complimentary soft drinks and biscuits.

Find the event page at:


  1. Let’s hope that TDC’s “No Mo May” doesn’t turn into “No May June as well”, as it did last year!

    I’ve just returned from a long weekend in Folkestone, Sandgate and Hythe, and it is very noticable how much cleaner and well maintained everything is.

  2. I hate to say it but I have just returned from a trip to Herefordshire and the roadside litter problem seems to improve the minute you leave Kent!!
    Nobody seems to really discuss the details of what each council does regarding roadsides, local parks etc.
    There must be a real difference in frequency of litter-picking, mowing etc.
    This isn’t “Party-political” as there doesn’t seem to be any consistency. Oxfordshire and Herefordshire seemed VERY clean and tidy. I assume that both County Councils are run by Conservatives, just like Kent. Yet they seem to have prioritised keeping their counties clean and tidy. I worry that KCC seems to neglect that sort of thing. But we never have any discussion about it. Not in detail, anyway.

    • I blame TDC more than KCC. Visit the seafronts of Folkestone, Hythe, Deal, Whitstable, Herne Bay – and compare to Margate and Ramsgate. Of course, some places outside Thanet are also sh*tholes – Brighton comes to mind!

  3. Had it occurred to you that its people who drop litter all over the place.
    If people took their litter home with them firstly there wouldn’t be any and secondly the need for Council trfuge collection staff could be reduced resulting in a lower rates bill.

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