Vehicles being recovered after crash at Cliffsend roundabout

Police at the scene Photo Toni Simmons-Leworthy

Police officers are at the scene of a two car crash on the A299 today (May 4).

Kent Police was called to a report of the collision at the roundabout on the A299 near Cliffsend at 1.20pm.

Officers are currently at the scene arranging recovery of the vehicles involved.

No serious injuries have been reported.


  1. anyone that knows these roundabouts will know what a banger racing circuit they are !

    • Cracked it! This isn’t Cliffsend Rbout, it’s 7score (using Google nomenclature) and what’s happening is, as the lights are now operational @ Thanet Pway, there’s a “drag race” to the Rbout after a red spell. As a result people are turning left in the r/hand lane. This is the 2nd accident I’ve been aware of there now in about a month and, on 26/4, I was going straight on when someone turned left in front of me; r/hand lane. I lodged a notification on KCCHighways w/site (Ref 633658)

  2. What a surprise to see a Helix involved!!

    The new White van!!

    Had too many near misses with the idiots who drive these things.

  3. I wonder if the absurdity of no traffic lights from the Sandwich Rd was to blame, or the ‘double exit road markings’ into a single lane heading to Ramsgate?

    • …this is confusing me: The pic LOOKS as though we’re talking about the Rbout west of Thanet Parkway (Sevenscore Rbout, acc to Google) and I think you think it is, but the headline’s indicating the Rbout north of that one.

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