Custom motorbikes heading to Dreamland for The 101 Run

Custom motorbikes will be on show at Dreamland

Custom and vintage motorcycles will be heading to Dreamland this Summer for DicE magazine’s The 101 Run.

Some 50 vehicles will be showcased at the event at the Hall By The Sea on Saturday, July 16.

This year will see new builds from Vincent Summers, Louie Deathgrip, the Last Week of July, Guildford Customs and more. There will also be vendors such as Bonzorro, Slackjaw Apparel, Demonlung, Deathgrip, OSD leather and Sea Of Rocks.

The show runs from 10am to 6pm, last entry 5pm.

Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult (18+)


Early Bird General Admission £27.50

General Admission £33.00

Buy tickets here


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
    £33 hahahahaaahhhhh
    Foxtrot Oscar
    This is Thanet… That’s a weeks shopping. Jokers. Wait for Ace cafe run for free.

  2. Have I missed something ?

    £33 to look at the bikes

    I was expecting the money to go to charity but its £33 quid for dreamland.

    Can I get in for free please as part of my taxes make up the 4 million being given to you.

    Why cant dreamland be free like the TC ?

  3. I dont normally feel the need to add a comment but honestly that charge is a totally Mickey take. Really how can they justify that. Time to get real Dreamland

  4. Dreamland needs to fail for those in charge. Classic long term hedge fund strategy. “We tried everything, but it failed, can we build houses on the site instead please?”

  5. Dreamland pricing shows they didn’t understand why the first batch of concerts were packed.

    The first lot were free.
    The next lot were £20 and under now they are all 45-50 quid…. And remain unsold out. Even artists that sell out easy elsewhere.

    As usual management havent a clue.

    If they were full at free and had good food and drink they’d make way more money than at £50 and half empty. Acts won’t return too

  6. Hi all, sorry to read that the cost of tickets seems a bit high to everyone.

    I co-organise this independent event and the ticket prices cover venue rental, music, staffing, pre & post party action, travel etc etc.

    Anyone above who is genuinely interested in coming to the show but won’t pay the ticket price please drop me an email and I will send you a discount code so you can experience it yourself.


    [email protected]

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