Your photos past and present wanted for Ramsgate Seafront Placemaking Project

Ramsgate inner basin/Military Road Photo Historic EnglandRamsgate,Medway,Kent. View from

The Ramsgate Seafront Placemaking Project team is appealing to residents for their memories and photos of the town.

The submissions will be used for a the placemaking project aimed at celebrating the town.

Seafront Placemaking is the final project of the Ramsgate Heritage Action Zone, now reaching the end of its fifth and final year. The Heritage Action Zone aims to engage with the local community and organisations to understand what makes the heritage in Ramsgate special, to share the findings and stories, and to protect and improve the town’s heritage for the future.

The project will focus on Ramsgate’s seafront from West to East Cliffs and along the seafront promenades. It will explore the past, present and future of the seafront, looking at the values that created it, and recording what Ramsgate seafront means to the community today and for the future. The project aims to bring to life the story of Ramsgate’s seafront through creativity.

Ramsgate’s Royal Palace Theatre (Image Ramsgate Library)

The Ramsgate Heritage Action Zone Partnership Board has appointed specialist heritage consultants Tricolor Ltd, to deliver the programme. The project will finish with a Statement of Heritage Significance for the seafront prepared with the community. There will also be a final report which will include summary findings, recommendations and prioritised future project proposals.

Ramsgate fishing smack

The Seafront Placemaking project is funded by a Historic England grant and will run until May. A mixture of online and in person workshops, discussions and debate will take place alongside community surveys.

Activities will include exploring Ramsgate seafront in art, school events, community engagement sessions and future planning workshops.

Photo Brian Whitehead

The team is currently asking for photos of anything from recent selfies to family heirlooms. They want classic seaside pictures – grumpy grandparents; sun-soaking deck chair loungers; sassy seagulls stealing chips; breathtaking horizon shots; sunrises; sunsets; amazing architecture, past or present… anything that simply says Ramsgate.

The pictures will be used in a variety of formats, including online, at workshops and in print,.

Upload your photos with the hashtag #CelebrateRamsgateHAZ  or email your pictures to [email protected] by April 11.

Cllr Reece Pugh, Deputy Leader at Thanet District Council, said:“We’re thrilled to see this exciting and ambitious project moving forward. There is so much untapped potential in the history and memories of Ramsgate’s seafront. Understanding how it has changed already will help us imagine its future potential and how this can be unlocked.

“We urge as many people as possible to get involved, share ideas and engage with the various activities planned over the next three months. The HAZ has been a catalyst for wider regeneration and funding within Ramsgate, with heritage and local character at its heart.”

Photo Mark Stanford

Liz Pollard, Heritage at Risk Project Officer at Historic England said: “We’re very excited to see the launch of this uniquely people-centred project which will really reveal how the community use, value and experience Ramsgate’s iconic seafront.  We hope that it will encourage the community to view and explore the seafront from different perspectives and build community momentum to take forward further projects in the future.”

Boating Pool Photo Brian Whitehead

Kezia Cole, Senior Consultant at Tricolor Ltd added: “We are very excited to be a part of the Seafront Placemaking Project and to meet the people and communities which make up this stunning historic town. We can’t wait to uncover people’s memories and experiences of the seafront, and discover what the communities of Ramsgate hope for the future of this fascinating slice of seaside.”


  1. Not spending precious money on more consultations, more surveys and projects. No more going round in circles and re-inventing the wheel please. Ramsgate people know what the town needs and have been asking for twenty years now. Actions Not words.

  2. Just read the article but dont really understand what’s it about or where or how the photos will be used.

    • I asked for further clarification too. So far I have for use in workshops, results in a report and online (which looks like a dedicated page) and for school projects. I initially didn’t write it but I think people might like to submit photos so did something about the call out for those

  3. Lovely to see the brilliant photo of the Sailors Church/Smack Boys home and one of the most iconic buildings in the harbour. But in reality a listed building which has had no maintenance for decades and is rotting away. Plus the youth organisation inside will be evicted who the inept TDC refuse to speak to or acknowledge.

  4. Past history of Ramsgate all well and good ,but had a coffee at the lookout cafe this morning and looked down on the biggest elephant in the harbour the old Sally line ,its now a batching plant for concrete and a caravan park for travellers ,IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE A PORT ,let’s see this council do something constructive for once and get the present sorted out and leave the history of Ramsgate on the side for a while ,when it was a ferry port Europeans would come and shop in Ramsgate Town nolonger a shopping centre now and a massive loss to Ramsgate King Street is a disgrace just flats and small frontage homes , the old Duke of Kent has been demolished and flats being constructed , like Henekeys in the High Street that pub had historical interest as well as being a nice place to drink .Where has Ramsgate gone , up in dust to settle as a vast array of flats ,that once was a thriving shopping area , no more Rooks ,the loss of freshly cooked pies no longer wafting down King Street,a sad state of progress Ilament the loss of a fine town ,how and who will bring back our town , it now resides at Westwood x yuc

  5. I fully agree with u.ROOKS now closed-loved getting a nice cooked pie,sausage pastie to eat. There is nothing now.

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