New digital system for real time info on waste and recycling services

Waste operatives

Thanet council is launching a new digital system for residents to access waste and recycling services online.

People can view real-time information about their bin collections – including the reason why their bin may have been missed or if a bin was uncollected because of a problem accessing their road.

Via the new system, residents can report any issues quickly without needing to complete a form. Bin collection calendars can also be checked on the system and subscriptions can be made to the council’s garden waste services.

Cllr Bob Bayford, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services at Thanet District Council, said: “This new system will not only improve the efficiency of the service, which helps to keep Thanet clean, but importantly it will bring the costs associated with recollecting missed bins down too.

“ It is more important than ever for our residents to present their containers/bins or bags at the boundary of their property by 6am on the day of collection. Collections cannot be rearranged if bins are not correctly presented on time or if they contain the wrong waste type.”

To sign up and create an account, visit or scan this QR code to set up your account.

Once you have registered your address, you can:

check the collection calendar and what goes in what bin

Access the status of you bin collection round in real-time

report a missed collection and get feedback on why it was missed (e.g. bin not presented, non-permitted items, access issues, operational issues etc)

sign up to and manage your garden waste subscription

change your address or add up to three other addresses (e.g. as a landlord or on behalf of other people as well as yourself).

For more information on the new digital system visit the TDC website.


  1. Cllr Bayford says it’s more important than ever for residents to present their containers by 6am. Surely the whole point of a real time system is to provide up-to-the-minute information to allow residents to run a “just-in-time” system and minimise the need to leave rubbish in the street overnight.

    Or is this real-time system accurate only to the nearest 10 hours?

  2. 2nd worst recycling rates in Kent,what happened to the Climate Emergency, electric vehicle charging points broken for months at a time and no new units installed despite funding being available,2030 ban on combustion cars where do you think visitors are going to go on holiday a island with no charge points?

  3. I remember the days when “real men” were dustmen, when they carried metal dustbins on their back, in all weather, without complaint.

    Not like a bin with wheels, that you can’t empty because someone has put a piece of cardboard in the wrong bin, too difficult to lift it out, and place in the correct bin.

    Only to watch the dustmen then tip all the sorted rubbish into the same container, pointless.

  4. web page is a bit naff too! Why can’t we do it all on one page without skipping here and there to? (gardenwaste)

  5. As a resident I can already report a missed bin (which gets ignored until the next collection), can see which dates my waste and recycling is collected and see details of any major non collections as it is updated pretty quickly.

    This does beg the question, what is the point of this “new digital system” and how much physical cash and resource cash has been spent on it ?

    • I fully agree-it happened to me,when they didnt empty my bin-chassed alfter and told them-This is what i pay my council tax for.

  6. This is of little use to the 22 percent of residents who pay their council tax in full yet have no kerbside recycling services at all. Unless of course this digital system is going to tell us the best times to visit the bottle banks in Staffordshire Street or the card and paper bins at Broadstairs station.

  7. This is not working properly. I registered myself with a password and email address but then it did not recognise our address from the Postcode in the drop down link so was unable to get any further to report our missed bins today.
    The only other way now to do this is to ring TDC in the morning tomorrow. Seems TDC are going backwards making it as difficult as possible. The website is the most atrocious to use too.

  8. So the new system makes you register before you can report a missed bin ? Most people won’t bother registering and just want the problem sorted with the minimum of contact with the Council.

    The practical implication is that the reports of missed bins will drop like a stone because people don’t want to register just to report something. Great news for TDC.

    Shouldn’t TDC be trying to make our lives easier as residents ? Why do they employ so many people whose sole function seems to be to make things more difficult and slower ?

    • Yep about sums it up. They’ve got to try and fiddle the figures even more than currently. Ie, a missed collection is given 5 working days for pick up, which just means its left till the next week. If they miss it a second time they won’t record it as another incident as its already been reported abd if they miss a block of flats they’ll only record 1 missed collection despite other tenants ringing.

  9. The dreaded “Operational Issues”, eh?
    An utterly meaningless statement.
    Why do I have to register and sign up?
    I can see when my bus is coming, in real time. I just use the Stagecoach app.
    I can see when my train is coming, in real time. I just use the National Rail app.
    Why can’t I simply look on a TDC map, and see in real time where the bin lorries are?

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