Online safety for Ramsgate Arts Primary

Learning about internet safety at RAPS

A charter for safe internet use is to be drawn up at Ramsgate Arts Primary School.

Children will play a large role in discussing and devising a simple and effective set of guidelines when using smartphones, tablets and computers to link into the world wide web.

It follows the school’s participation in the national Safer Internet Day on February 8 when RAPS existing safeguards were reinforced and discussed.

The official theme for the nationwide initiative was ‘All Fun and Games?’ and it explored respect and relationships online.

Each class is drew attention to the issues surrounding safer internet use with specific learning time set aside to address the situation.

A range of activities included year 1 pupils reading the story Digiduck and the Magic Castle which is about online safety – it was followed by a discussion about how to react in a number of different scenarios.

Meanwhile Reception and Year 2 classes got creative to design posters to promote online safety.

Year 5 girls and boys explored the possible dangers of online gaming and what to do in different scenarios. They also held an e-safety related Who Wants To Be a Millionaire style quiz.

Head of School Nick Budge said: “Children’s safety is a priority and we continually build upon the secure practices and messages we have in place, particularly when it involves internet safety.

“In the coming weeks our children will further reinforce these messages by creating a RAPS e-safety charter from a pupil’s perspective.

“Technology plays a significant role in their young lives and it is vital they know how to act safely when using it, including how to identify and report a concern.”

In recent years the school has contacted families appealing to them to support its stance on unrestricted use and to make sure that children do not go online to any site that is not age appropriate.

Mr Budge reiterated the school’s stance on internet use. He said: “We remind parents and carers that social media is not advised for children below age 13, and age restrictions apply to social media accounts for good reason.

“The use of social media by under age children is increasingly a nationwide issue, with many children being exposed to risks such as contact with strangers, significant emotional risk, social conflict, hacking of personal information and data and exposure to inappropriate content.”

Deputy Head of School Hanna Beech has carried out snapshot surveys with pupils in recent years to focus on the type of access they have to the internet and its various sites.

She added: “We ask all parents and carers to reflect on the access their children have to social media and consider carefully monitoring the use of mobile phones, tablets and computers.”

Further information about keeping children safe online is available via the school’s website and also via or come into school for a chat.”

*Safer Internet Day 2022 was co-ordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre and it saw thousands of organisations involved to promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people. Find out more at