Harbour Fish Bar shut under emergency court order over ‘serious risk of contamination of food’

Harbour Fish Bar (image google maps)

Harbour Fish Bar in Ramsgate has been shut down under a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order.

The takeaway, in Harbour Street, was shut after a Thanet council officer inspection on February 9 found water leaking into the food preparation area and flooding the floor creating “a serious risk of contamination of food.”

A court order from Margate Magistrates was made then made to shut the premises.

A notice on the window of the business publicising the closure order says: “These conditions posed an imminent risk of injury to health and the Court hereby makes a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order prohibiting the use of the premises, the processes and the equipment at the premises known as Harbour Fish Bar, from February 9 until such time as Thanet District Council issues a certificate to the effect that there no longer exists an imminent risk of injury to health at the premises.”

(UPDATE) A Thanet council spokesperson said: “A Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice was served by the council’s Public Protection team on the Harbour Fish Bar in Ramsgate under the Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 on Wednesday 9 February, following confirmed reports of an imminent risk to health.

“A Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order was then applied for from the Magistrates Court, which was granted on Friday 11 February.

“The premises is now closed pending the completion of a schedule of improvement works outlined by council officers, which must be completed before we will consider allowing the premises to reopen. The premises will be subject to reinspection and officers must be satisfied that the risks to public health have been adequately addressed.”


  1. Poor Stavros would turn in his grave. He turned that little corner of Ramsgate, formerly Bourne and Hollingworth, into a thriving fish bar and restaurant.

    He even offered me a job there as a 13 year old for £20 a day. I was too busy working on dad’s boat to accept. But useful leverage to get £2 cigarette money out of dad on a Monday morning.

  2. Any fast food places which get 2 star or below should be shut until everything is up to standard to get 5 star rating.

  3. I went in there years ago and asked for wasp and chips. The man said that they don’t serve wasps. I replied yes you do, there’s been one in the window for 6 months. I know it’s an old joke but it was true, it was a family joke for years.

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