Matches and Panna and Fifa contests at charity football fun day being held in Ramsgate

The event is being organised by Old Pepys VFC

A charity football fun day in Ramsgate will feature panna and Fifa contests as well as youth and all star matches.

The event is being organised by Old Pepys VFC and hosted by Ramsgate FC at its WW Martin stadium.

Old Pepys VFC is a club focused on improving men’s mental health.

Co-chairmen Pete Morris and Benjamin Hamilton-Hall say the day will raise cash for four charities as well as helping to combat stigma around mental health.

The fun day takes place on June 25 from 10am.

The main events are Under 16s Rams vs Under 16s Margate at 1pm followed by Old Pepys and Kimberley all star teams from 3pm.

There will also be youth matches, a Fifa 22 world cup tournament, street panna knockout contest, round robins as well as craft stalls and family activities.

Charities to benefit will be The Lily Foundation, MIND, Prostate Cancer UK and The British Lung Foundation,

Pete said: “We reached out to Ian Heath at Ramsgate Football Club and he kindly offered to help host.

“We are hosting the event because when we started our football club it was with the aim of helping local men beat the stigmas surrounding mental health. We became very competitive very quickly so made sure we kept our ethos at the forefront of our minds and looked into holding this in the first off season we got.

“There is a cost to take part in both the Panna and Fifa 22 competitions of £5 and £15 with all entries going to the charities involved. There will be an entry by donation system on the day which gives you entry watch the football on offer.

“We have chosen the 4 charities because they are all close to our hearts… The Lily Foundation because I lost my eldest sister to Mitochondrial Disease in 2015; MIND because of what our football club is built on; Prostate Cancer UK because we are men involved in sport and The British Lung Foundation because we have numerous people involved with the club who have lost people due to Lung and respiratory disease.”

A call for players to get involved in the tournaments is being made. Anyone interested in taking part can email [email protected]  for further details.

Find Old Pepys VFC on facebook at

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