Last chance to submit to LGBT+ History Month exhibition open call

The Margate School

There are two days left to make a submission to The Margate School’s open call for LGBT+ History Month.

The arts school is offering free exhibition space for a week, plus the option of £100 for an artist talk or £200 for a workshop.

The open call says: “We are looking for work that explores the history of the LGBT+ community and are particularly keen to hear from local LGBT+ artists and other under-represented groups.

“Our vision is to continue supporting and developing projects involving diverse creative communities encouraging local and wider engagement, such as Margate Pride.”

The Margate School is a multifunctional space and can facilitate a wide range of artworks – all art forms are welcome to be submitted.

As a non-profit operating on a tight budget, the school is unable to assist with the cost of the exhibition, transportation of artworks to and from the gallery, or the cost of framing any of the artworks in the show.

The exhibition will be on display for one week from February 21-28  and The Margate School will promote the exhibition online and posters publicised locally.

Submit applications by midnight on Sunday (February 13) to exhibitions coordinator Lisa Hawkins – [email protected]

You can learn more about the open call here:


  1. Oh I did not know anything about it being held bisexual myself I would have loved to made a contribution.
    I’m in Yorkshire now for ten days so I will look out for the next one.

      • Thank you Peter.

        Why is so much aimed at this supposedly under-represented group ? It seems to me that there are now more venues and opportunities for minority groups to exhibit or indulge in art than there are for the mainstream majority ie those persons who have a genuine talent rather than those who qualify because of sexual preference, gender identity, disability or the colour of their skin . . .

        • The only Queen I’d like to see celebrated in art this year is Her majesty! Of course, that won’t happen amongst the sex and race-obsessed, self-congratulating, un-representative and elitist “artists” that are putting the final nails in the coffin of the once wonderful Margate.

  2. I remember a question being posed on a local fb group: “Are there any gay friendly pubs in Ramsgate?”
    “All of them”, came the reply.
    Which, indeed, is the case. The same goes for cafes, restaurants, shops, estate agents and so on.
    Being a member of the LGBTQN++ “community” does not exclude you from anything.
    Unless you insist in exhibiting outrageous behaviour, in which case, no matter what “community” you do or don’t belong to, you’d get shown the door.

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