Photo issued by police as officers search for man after seven people assaulted in Ramsgate

Police would like to speak to this man

Detectives investigating a disturbance in Ramsgate where seven people were assaulted during the early hours of this morning (January 23) have issued a photo of a man who may be able to assist them.

Kent Police was called at around 4.25am to a report that a man had assaulted a number of people in the Harbour Parade/Military Road area at Ramsgate seafront. Officers are carrying out enquiries to identify the attacker.

Two women and one man were taken to hospital suffering facial injuries. Four other people – two women and two men – were also reportedly assaulted but were not seriously injured and did not require hospital treatment.

Officers would like to hear from anyone who recognises the man in the image.

Please call the appeal line on 01843 222289 quoting reference 46/14237/22. You can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form at


  1. What an absolute cockwomble, thinks he’s hard punching passer’s by, especially women, shame someone didn’t just knock him out and dump him in the harbour, low life twat.

    • Cockwomble? Such a homophobic comment is equally as lowlife and has the same mentality as a man beating a woman, if that is simple termed enough for to comprehend it? FYI, All violence is condemned, it’s not ok to write ‘especially women’ but why am I bothering to write these words to a complete ignoramous who thinks the answer to this criminal is to ‘knock him out and dump him in the harbour’. Because that sort of a treatment is going to be a punishment that prevents the offender from violent behaviour in the future!!!

    • Harbours have always been bawdry places with late night places to drink and make merry. I live in the harbour and am bringing up children here but I wouldn’t support a petition which seeks to change the nature of this amazing place. It’s been like this for hundreds of years. If you don’t like the energy of the place go to the suburbs where it’s nice and quiet at night. As for the OP – hope he gets caught soon as he sounds like a nasty piece of work!

    • Violent thugs like this would still commit the same violence , be just as vile and dangerous to others no Matter what times the clubs and pubs shut. Years of doing what they want with no real consequences for their actions have emboldened then. Scum like this muppet in the picture are fully aware that there are no deterrents to their thuggish behaviour.

      There are criminals walking the streets with hundreds of convictions who are yet to spend a day in a prison cell because modern judges always give the benefit of of doubt to the offenders. England needs to Build more prisons and lock the vile scum up for a longer.. If the little scum criminals are underage then start punishing the parents, they would soon start caring about the whereabouts and actions of their out of control kids.

      People need to be held accountable for their actions. The vast majority are sick of the violence, the crime and the feral kids but the so called enlightened seem determined to keep the offenders on our streets ruining the lives of the law abiding majority.

      Violent offenders deserve to be caged. It’s time the human rights of the victims of crime were treated above the human rights of the offenders.

    • Wouldn’t that only move the trouble to whatever is the new closing time? Make it easier and cheaper for licensees to get a 24 hour license, then they could all open and close whenever they want, so closing times would be staggered.

    • It is when they havnt long finished work I know this as one of the lads was my 18 year old son who him and his friends tried to stop this man beating the shit out of a lady

    • Yes, up early for church.
      It’s the gratuitous violence that’s appalling. One ‘nutter’ fuelled up on a cocktail of drink and drugs can cause havoc. We have many young people who have little purpose in life, it is a social, cultural, ethical and moral crisis. It is endemic in western societies.

  2. I think four hours of clubs being open is long enough but they open at say 8 maybe before that so consume far more drink than they can control and trouble will always arise with a few, who won’t even remember the next day , it will fire any situation meaning someone says f off yeah right who you talking to you ??.
    I have had experience of being drunk when they close at 2 AM never nasty to others but had some abuse.
    I have also 40 year ago been chucked out by bouncers and i mean chucked out , you had enough pal , nowdays it seems like profit to me another pint earns more money .

    • If you walk through the town at 9pm it’s empty Paul. Ramsgate has become a real late night drinking area. They get tanked up at home and then go down there. It’s been getting worse for a good decade now. Police presence is minimal and there is always a bad atmosphere late on

      • That is the problem Den they get tanked up and I did the same as was cheaper think we used to sneak some cans in I say think but I remember wobbling a bit in the Van gough it was and a bouncer started on me with abuse being tanked up i was verbal back 15 16 ish old so a twat, I was picked up and thrown down the outside steps.
        People say we need police they should be there and sort the problem , why?.
        We both know what would happen in these times if the same did happen , who would be in court charged , it is a shame people are left to in this case punch others when the word that would get round very quick, you don’t mess with that place look at the state of me.

    • Never looked at that but looks about right, shame someone didn’t give him a kicking he would never have known.

  3. what do…err…gyp you mean travelling gentelemen” look like?

    Do the whole 360,000 of them lookalike.

    The ethnicity of this guy could be any white community in the UK but you have to settle on that one because the issue is a negative one?

    Speaks volumes about your mindset.

    BTW. Do all black people lookalike to you too?

  4. Explain why you believe ‘Cockwomble’ and ‘lowlife’ can be classed as ‘homophobic’? I was under the impression it means you have a prejudice and dislike for gay people!

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