Woman punched in face by man after refusing to hand over cash in attempted robbery in Ramsgate

The woman was attacked by Chatham Passage

Police are investigating an attempted robbery in Ramsgate after a woman was punched in the face for refusing to hand over cash to a stranger.

The 42-year-old was in Boundary Road when a man came out of the ‘Chatham Passage’ alley and asked her for money.

When the woman said no he punched her in the face.

The woman, who has asked not to be named, said: “The man came out from the little part of the alley and asked me for money. I said no and he punched me in the face. I just ran away.

“I am glad it wasn’t an elderly person but this area is getting worse. It’s really dark down there. It was hard to get a description, he had a dark hood over a beanie hat and a snood type facemask pulled over his face.

“I’m still a little shocked that a human would punch another in the face for refusing to give them money but I am ok. I have a bit of a lump on my cheekbone which will probably bruise.

“I think there needs to be lighting in the alley as there is so much anti-social behaviour there.”

Kent Police say an investigation is ongoing. A spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 5.15pm on Friday 21 January, to a report of an attempted robbery in an alleyway off Boundary Road, Ramsgate.

“It is reported a woman was approached by a man who asked if she had any money and then punched her once in the face.

“The victim ran from the scene and called police. Officers attended and an investigation is ongoing.”

Anyone with information should call 01843 222289, quoting 46/13404/22. You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form on their website.


  1. What a friendly likeable gentleman, demands your money, then follows up by hitting a female.

    Someone somewhere is a proud parent.

  2. who was it that said how ramsgate is a safe place to live ? , and what about the graffiti – thats someones home that has been vandalised ! or will somebody on here say its street art ?

    • Its street art 😉

      When is graffiti not graffiti ? When it’s done by an artist like banksy ! No graffiti is graffiti doesnt matter who you are

    • Well, that is the problem when you set the bar for ‘art’ at the level of Emin’s dirty bed & the bilge in the Turner Centre. Doodles on walls suddenly become masterpieces.

      • Graffiti is Criminal Damage, and I live near the area, and stopped using that ally years ago! This is worth repeating, get a Criminal Identifier Spray! They look like pepper sprays, but shoot a water based jet of paint up to 3 meters, which can identify someone, and temporarily blind them! They are legal, and cost about £8.00 I never go out without one!

    • Probably me,”Real World”, and I still think that mostly it is. This woman has unfortunately met one of the unpleasant minority. I hope she will not let the experience make her less confident about walking round Ramsgate.

    • The last thing we need is vigilante groups imposing their own ideas of ‘justice’, which mostly involve beating up colored people (look at recent events in America).

      We need a visible police presence on the street at all hours – not just at night, but when dusk is falling at 17:15.

    • Unfortunately vigilante groups have a long history of bashing anybody they don’t like the look of & seeing as many of the members who join such groups hate anybody non-white, anybody with long hair, anybody who might be gay etc justice/crime prevention is not paramount for them, while having an excuse to indulge in some mindless violence is.

  3. Over the past ten years it so the Tories have got rid of 22000 police officers.
    Maybe if they were replaced, and a few extra recruited, we could have a few bobbies on the beat again.
    Then we wouldn’t need self-appointed vigilante lynch mobs roaming the streets.

  4. woman beaten and robbed in a graffiti covered alley – it sounds more like america to me – than this quaint little seaside arty fishing port ? , over to you marva

    • Which woman was that? Are you making it up as you go along?
      The OP says nothing about a woman being robbed.

      • Phyllis strange thing is heading says. Woman punched in face by Man after refusing to handover cash in attempted robbery in Ramsgate, I think you need to enlarge your text on screen or get glasses. This is most likely to be a low life on drugs etc and would probably just as easily would do the same to anyone whoever they be, it is good news that the lady was able to get away with only being punched (bad enough) she could have been knocked out by the punch or even worse, I don’t know how but we have to find a way to stop the amount of violent attacks on women by men.

  5. oh sorry = attempted , so that makes it alright then does it ? , i feel its you phyllis thats prone to exageration going by some of your previous observations?

  6. Nothing at all suprises me,now about THANET. And no thanks to CLOWNHEAD and his dummies,no police around.

  7. Oh quick blame Boris and the Tories for it again zzzzzzz

    Hard to imagine how much crime started because they are in power.. I forget the safe days of Labour!!

  8. Drug addiction related almost certainly. Nothing to do with colour or ethnicity and shame on the person above who suggested it! I certainly agree that we need a huge increase in the amount of police in the area, a problem imposed on us by both sides of the political spectrum – doesn’t affect our politicians does it? I hope that lady doesn’t suffer lasting problems after such a nasty experience and that the low life perpetrator is found quickly.

  9. @Real World. Are you a failed artist.. are you bitter? You seem to take a pop at anything art / culture / community based at every opportunity. Get a grip lad.

  10. … awful experience for the woman assaulted. Hope the perpetrator pays the price of their actions and the victim recovers swiftly.

  11. Please get your injuries checked out, you may well have a fractured zygoma, cheekbones punched by a fist often sustain this and you need it confirmed that it is un-displaced or you may end up on a maxillo-facial waiting list! Good luck and try to keep smiling as fortunately there are more nice people males and females who find this behaviour appalling.

  12. The alley which comes out in Chatham Street. When the Working Man’s Club was operating the alley was not pitch black, as their fire escape door opened into it and they had a light above it on their premises

  13. re – bingo , sounds to me like you are another one thats jumped on the ” arts ” gravy train ? you know as well as i do if you made some of those ” creations ” in an art lesson at school you would have been smacked round the earhole or put in a detention.

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