Road closures and parking bay suspensions installed in Margate’s Old Town in 2020 to end

Margate Old Town Photo Frank Leppard

Road closures and parking bay suspensions put in place in Margate Old Town in 2020 as part of social distancing measures will come to an end from Monday (January 24).

The measures were initially funded through the Government’s Reopening High Streets Safely Fund, and extended through the Welcome Back Fund, as businesses reopened in Summer of 2020 when covid restrictions were first relaxed.

The aim was to help prevent overcrowding and enable social distancing as well as help kickstart Thanet’s economy.

Residents and business owners have been informed of the changes.

A Thanet District Council spokesperson said: “A series of temporary traffic measures were put in place in Margate Old Town in July 2020, to support social distancing. “The measures were set out in a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) and included the suspension of parking bays and certain road closures, with an end date of 23 January 2022.

“Since introducing the measures, the council has continuously reviewed the scheme with Kent County Council Highways, and liaised with stakeholders.

“On Monday 24 January, we will reopen King Street and Lombard Street, reinstate parking bays along Market Street, and reverse the direction of traffic on New Cross Street. Local businesses and residents have been advised of this change in writing.

“Once the current scheme is removed, data will be gathered, to allow us to measure the impact on traffic and to help inform future decisions about highway changes.”

A Kent County Council footway reconstruction scheme along New Cross Street means the road will need to be closed for six weeks from Monday 21 February.


    • Absolutely.
      Nothing must get in the way of motor cars. I’m surprised it’s taken so long: Westgate ditched their scheme in a couple of weeks.

      • The scheme in westgate was devised by a primary school kid that had patently never visited the town or have any training in traffic management. The exit of buses from Station Road onto St.Mildreds was absolutely absurd, meant the bus blocked the whole of St.Mildreds Road during the manoeuvre and was a serious accident waiting to happen as traffic coming from Canterbury Road had limited visibilty due to the railway bridge. Who ever did design it and any one that signed it off should be sacked for gross incompetence.

  1. The bus still has to turn into the oncoming lane when exiting Station Road. St. Mildred’s road was safer to cross when the planters were in place as they narrowed the road.

  2. Disappointed that this couldn’t be kept for longer. The King Street rat run is terrifying for pedestrians. I know not everyone liked the scheme, but from my conversations the majority of residents and businesses I spoke to said it was an improvement.

    • Surely not as dangerous as the rat run it created , can’t remember the name of the road, but entered high street on a blind bend, has no path and narrow, there was an article on here recently.

  3. I have to agree for once with Cllr Yates on this one. As far as I am concerned Margate old town was a much better place for less vehicular access and traffic volume with its additional noise and toxic fumes.

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