Man returned to prison following policing week operation in Westbrook

Image Kent Police

A man from Ramsgate who was wanted on recall to prison was arrested during a Neighbourhood Policing Week operation in Westbrook today (January 20).

Officers from Thanet’s Community Policing Team were operating in the Westbrook area and spent the morning engaging with members of the community and giving words of advice to drivers suspected of speeding or driving in an anti-social manner.

During the morning, a stop and account was carried out with a 35-year-old man. Enquiries showed the man, from Ramsgate, was wanted on recall to prison and he was arrested and has now been returned to prison.


  1. What is “stop and account”? Is it yet another erosion of our very few freedoms or a new covid regulation?

  2. All you need to know is it worked ,well done here’s to more of the same ,keep up the good work .

  3. Is Thanet policing team under fire from above over the lack of anything happening here as all of a sudden they are out in the cold catching criminals.
    This can only be a good thing for those law obeying folk. Well done who pulled the strings.

  4. It’s great to know the police are out and about catching those who need to be caught and upped their game now all we need is the courts to do the same and might start getting somewhere. Well done old Bill.

    • Until, of course, a law is passed which gives you something to worry about that you never had to worry about before. Even the most basic understanding of the rise of National Socialism would have stopped you from making such a stupid statement.

      • Has a law been passed or is this a new nam for stop and search?

        Great to see Kent police doing something at long last.

  5. Stop and Account has been around for a while, it’s not new and it’s not the same as Stop and Search. Anyone stopped on this basis has the right to decline to give any personal information unless the police have reasonable grounds to belief they are planning / engaged in illegal activity or carrying something illegal.

    Although it does seem that S & A was used productively / appropriately in this instance it’s pretty obvious that some innocent people would have an easier time refusing to comply with the request for information than others and that’s the main problem with it.

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