‘Launch day’ for 34-home development in St Nicholas-at-Wade

CGI of new four-bedroom The Halden family home at The Stables.

A development of 34 new build properties in St Nicholas-at-Wade launches on Saturday (January 22).

Sandwich-based Sunningdale House Developments’ will invite visitors to a show home to promote the latest collection of two, three and four bedroom family homes off The Length.

David Pownceby, CEO of Sunningdale House and East Kent resident, said: “We are very much looking forward to welcoming the first visitors to our new The Stables development. It is beautifully situated within easy reach of the coast, with great transport links, open countryside and close by thriving coastal resorts.

“St. Nicholas At Wade represents the perfect location for a new family home; from serenity, to hustle and bustle, the Isle of Thanet really has it all.”

Sunningdale House Development has sites across the south of England including in Broadstairs, Monkton and Minster.

The Stables launch will be held at the nearby Heritage Fields Show Home in St. Nicholas-at- Wade from 10am to 5pm.

For more information contact Sunningdale House Developments: [email protected] / 01843 267799.


  1. Yes, they DO look like quite nice,”traditional family” homes. (A bit small, maybe?)
    But we should actually think about what the area and the country as a whole needs.
    In fact, increasing numbers of households are only single people (very young and unattached, or much older and widowed etc. Not to mention single divorced)
    “Traditional” nuclear families of ,say, two adults with two or three children, are now a MINORITY of households. Most couples have only one or two children.
    Once old enough, those children will be looking for their own, small, place. They are not looking for big, three-bed houses. They will want (and NEED)cheaper, one or two bed flats or small houses, possibly for rent as the costs of deposits and mortgages are so high.
    At the end of their lives, their parents would also prefer smaller one or two bed accommodation.

    But these types of home are simply not being built in sufficient quantity. They may have the occasional “affordable” home added to the mix, but developers fight tooth and nail against having too many of them and local Councils usually roll over and agree to reduce the number of “affordable” homes once Planning permission for estates has been granted.
    The wealth and power is in the wrong hands. The developers make more money out of “traditional” family homes, so that type of property gets built in overwhelming numbers all over England’s “Green and Pleasant land” even when a simple look at who actually wants what type of housing would reveal that there is a need for genuinely affordable, smaller houses and flats , for rent or sale.
    (I am one of an older couple, children left home, living in a three-bed “family home” and we would love to downsize to a small flat or bungalow in our home area. But they are just not being built. They keep building the kind of three-bed “traditional” family home that we are trying to leave! Couldn’t afford a new one anyway!)

    • So you are saying what really should have been built on this plot was multiple blocks of single bed flats to accommodate all the single people who wish to leave home (and of course all the single asylum seekers who we are still welcoming to our shores at the rate of 100 a week) ?

      I suspect I can predict the views and reaction of the residents of St Nicholas to such a suggestion . . .

      • Fortunately, nobody is suggesting the building of tower blocks in St Nicholas or anywhere similar. Though small low rise complexes of flats for older people would fit in perfectly well in many of our villages and small towns. Especially with decent landscaping around them.
        But the major housing need around here is actually in London and its immediate surrounds. There it is possible to build higher and increase the number of smaller apartments available for all the smaller households.
        All this pressure from the government to build in East Kent is just randomly based on figures and a vague notion that everybody has to have extra houses around them.
        There is no evidence that they have really studied WHO wants WHAT kind of housing , and WHERE. The result is the spread of over-expensive three-bed “family” homes around every village within commuting distance of Greater London.
        Unfortunately, nearly all the local Councils round here are run by the same Party that currently runs central government so they just collaborate with their masters in Parliament.

  2. ‘…the Isle of Thanet really has it all.’ – but will it for much longer as the bigger, less considerate builders roll out their standard boxes?

  3. St Nicholas definitely does NOT need another shop the village shop caters for everything the village needs I am sure what the village needs is to not have developers keep pillaging the beautiful country side to build more and more expensive houses on!

  4. This development company have ignored agreed planning restrictions in the village across all three sites, they flout the law at every opportunity in the pursuit of wealth, I wouldnt mind but none of them are in the “affordable” bracket for youngsters. Leave our village alone, one shop two pubs and a brewery, we are happy just the way we are.

  5. Why does St Nicholas need another shop? The existing one serves the village perfectly. It’s a village and not a town!. If you want things that are not stocked there then Birchington is a few minutes drive away.

  6. St Nicholas At Wade has now reached the limit for new developments. Anymore would destroy the village atmosphere which attracts people in the first place. Also the new builds are too large and expensive for young adults so the village will be lacking families with children. Any further building would be on agricultural land, as have been all the latest. This cannot be allowed to continue, TDC needs to honour their commitment to preserve the identity of the few remaining villages.

  7. Absolute tosh, the Village Shop has plenty to cater for the houses that are now in the Village. We need the Council and Planning Officers to realise that enough is enough, and to stop anymore developments in our BEAUTIFUL VILLAGE!!!

  8. This guy has no idea. The new builds are ruining the countryside, and how can 1 bus every 30 mins be a good transport link?

    • You obviously don’t use buses very often. They’re every 15 minutes in each direction apart from Sundays (I live in Birchington but very often walk into St. Nicholas or Sarre and then get a bus home).

          • Lol why am I wrong again!!! I drive especially to the butchers and why would I object to a butchers reopening in the village???

          • You’re wrong about the bus times.

            As for the butchers, when I suggested earlier that St. Nicholas could do with more than one shop, your reply was “Why? What’s wrong with the shop that the village has?”

          • The majority of residents of St Nicholas at wade don’t need another shop neither have we asked for another shop Gavin who runs our local village store has done so for many many years and serves our needs very well, I note your a resident of Birchington, so you are used to an abundance of different retail outlets and I guess your used to that, our community has our village shop and we are proud of that. Like I said In the very beginning we as a village don’t need another shop! I am not wrong about that!

  9. They look quite nice the country side they are being built on was much nicer and this sort of thing is something a lot of you have been complaining about recently stop building on our farmland yet here you are saying they look nice pitiful.

  10. Try Googling public transport routes from st Nicholas to Ramsgate. Ask the teenage children how isolated they feel with the poor transport links. Getting on the one school bus at 7:15 each day when allocated a Ramsgate school. Not being able to do after school clubs as no bus back after 4 from Ramsgate harbour without a change at Margate or walking through desolate footpaths in the dark from Sarre. It’s a beautiful village but you need a car if you work or you’d spend most of your day on a bus!

  11. It’s like pulling teeth!!
    Yes because it’s not needed the last time the village had a butchers we did not have home shopping delivery’s lol plus Birchington is just 5 mins down the road with a brilliant butchers, hope that clears up any confusion!

  12. The buses are not great here dont be fooles, i can never understand why nice little villages cant be left alone, as nice little villages, i moved here to get away from greedy developers and lack of respect for rural life and community, lived in a previous village destroyed by development that will soon be a town. Lets try and keep some of kent and englands villages please!

  13. Anyone who moves to a village is hoping, and possibly assuming, that there won’t be more houses built near it.

    That is partly why I moved to a town.

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