Traffic operation in Thanet results in 13 people reported for driving offences

Traffic operation

Thirteen people have been reported for driving offences after officers from Thanet’s Community Safety Unit carried out road checks across the district.

The traffic operation, held yesterday (January 17), was part of the work being carried out by Kent Police during Neighbourhood Policing Week, which runs between January 17-23 and celebrates the vital work of those who work to keep neighbourhoods safe.

Officers from Thanet Multi-Agency Task Force, the Special Constabulary, PCSOs and the Thanet Local Policing Team carried out speed checks in Hartsdown Road in Margate, Nethercourt Hill and Pysons Road in Ramsgate and Ramsgate Road in Broadstairs.

More than 20 vehicles were stopped and their drivers spoken to, resulting in 13 people being reported for traffic offences.

The majority of the offences related to speeding, including one vehicle seen to be traveling at 58mph in a 30mph zone in Pysons Road.

Inspector Ian Swallow of Thanet Community Safety Unit said: “Traffic issues matter to residents as anti-social vehicles can have a negative impact on wellbeing in the community as well as cause potentially serious safety risks.

“Our officers regularly carry out traffic checks in Thanet to reinforce the message that every road user has a responsibility to keep people safe, drive within the speed limit, and ensure their vehicles are roadworthy.”


  1. You need to carry this out in Garlinge High Street, the speed vehicles drive along this road is stupid, someone will be killed and I’m sorry to say its going to be sooner rather than later,vehicles speed along this road 24/7 ,

  2. We all can give a list of roads like this ,
    It’s time to start to list the road near you ,something may get sorted .

  3. Northdown Road. Cliftonville , early morning School runs and return journeys from schools, and some drivers holding mobile phones is a regular occurrence. In addition the section of Road from Holly Lane shops through to Palm Bay Estate , both sections of the road offer a good stretch of road to exceed speed limits resulting in wreck less driving, which goes undetected.

  4. Sod fines and points.. hit a limit and bang lose your license for 3 months.. do it again and lose it for life!

    Make it harsh because it’s the only way they will learn.

    Also limit car speeds when they’re made like lorries are.

  5. In this day and age there is so much technology that can be used to limit cars.
    Also to stop them using their mobile whilst driving.

    Built in docking stations that enable the ignition once the phone is docked.

    Sensors that regulate the speed of the vehicle around built up areas.

    Limit the size of the engine for those who have just passed..

    Limit the size of the engine to those after a certain age..

    Harsher penalties like losing your license completely after racking up so many points..

  6. Surely we need 52 weeks of Neighbourhood Policing every year?
    It’s no good policing being carried out on a rota basis of speeding this week, drugs the next and so on, it needs to be of a consistently high standard throughout the year, every year.

  7. Thirteen out of twenty vehicles stopped had offended! Just goes to show the majority of drivers are breaking the law! There is only one answer, introduce 20 mph limit, because 20mph has been proven to reduce offences, and accidents!
    Twenty’s Plenty!

  8. I think the 20 mph works well , it is impossible to have police everywhere , cameras even if dummys would work good.

  9. It’s not punishment if all drivers have to keep their speed to 20mph. That is still several times faster than a pedestrian can walk.

  10. Excessive speed along Park Lane, Birchington. During the day but mostly early evening to late at night. Estimate some speed around 60 to 70 mph.

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