New site at Broadstairs Retail Park for covid vaccination centre now open

The vaccination site

The new covid vaccination site at the Broadstairs Retail Park is now open.

The centre has moved from the premises at the Saga building on Haine Road, which was opened in February last year and was initially led by more than 100 staff from the Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust (KCHFT).

GPs from the Mocketts Wood and Margate hub of surgeries moved in the following month and continued at the site following KCHFT staff withdrawing in June. During their time at the Saga site they gave more than 200,000 vaccinations.

The GP and volunteer team has now moved to the former PC World unit at the retail park, which is in between Curry’s and Wickes.

‘Doc’ Atherton, who is part of the NHS (CARE) Primary Care Network Pharmacy & Medicines Team helping at Saga, said: “Following the move, which was done by many of the staff with what seemed to be military precision, we are now in our new home and settled.

“Of course, with staff from all parts of the NHS coming together and making Saga the success it was, many friendships have been born out of it so there was a tinge of sadness for many as they’ve worked lots of hours and many colleagues are like family with each other.

“Like moving house, it’s exciting too and we can’t wait to see what develops from just being somewhere different. All of us are proud of what has been achieved so far and we look forward to providing the same care and commitment at the new site.”

Last year the team were recognised for the work they have put into the Covid-19 vaccination programme by being finalists in the Primary Care Networks, GP or Community Provider of the Year at the national Health Service Journal (HSJ) Awards.

Dr Ash Peshen, who has been one of the leaders of the programme, was crowned clinical leader of the year  at the same awards.

The new site is open for walk-ins on:

Saturday 15 January: 8am – 5pm
Tuesday 18 January: 8am -5pm
Thursday 20 January: 8am – 5pm
Saturday 22 January: 8am – 5pm

For those aged 12 and over and will be using Pfizer or Moderna – including boosters for 1st, 2nd or booster jabs

Vaccination clinics Ramsgate

The Ramsgate GP hub is also offering vaccination clinics at East Cliff Practice at the Montefiore Medical Centre, Dumpton Park Drive, Ramsgate on Saturday 15 January: 9am to 4pm for those aged 12 and over. Doses will be Pfizer  for 1st, 2nd and booster jabs.

Vaccination clinics Cliftonville

There will also be walk in clinics at Cliftonville Community Centre for those a ged 16 and over on:

Wednesday 19 January: 10am – 12pm
Wednesday 26 January: 10am – 12pm

Vaccine being used is Pfizer, 1st, 2nd or booster jab;

The 1st to 2nd dose gap needs to be 8 weeks for over 18s; and 12 weeks for 16-17 year olds.

The booster vaccine can only be given at least three months after your second dose.

More than 82 per cent of the eligible population in Kent and Medway (1,010,411 people) have now had their booster vaccination and work continues to encourage those still to come forward to have their first, second or booster vaccination.

Visit for information on future walk-ins or to book.


  1. I am certainly grateful for the setting up of these vaccination centres and have used them to the full. It seems a pity that Primary care staff has had to be pulled from other duties. There are so many volunteer organisations that could have been used instead of just passing the problem back down the chain and creating a massive queue for medical appointments which seem unlikely to be reduced anytime soon.

  2. What a strange state of affairs. An unprecedented zealot-like push to continue to jab people with experimental gene therapy with no long term safety data. It’s promised to be the saviour, then a few months later the efficacy of these jabs is said to be waning and so people need a booster. Same thing happens when new scary variant apparently appears. Then it is pronounced to be less scary. And all along, the jabbed can still get and pass on covid, with many of them ending up in hospital. Meanwhile, the government’s behavioural scientists have been found out using fear propaganda tactics to scare the public, while the various politicians (both parties) partying and movements of Neil Ferguson in lockdown clearly suggest they knew it wasn’t a lethal plague. Big pharma and the shareholders makes billions (probably trillions now) and the many scientists and doctors speaking out against the dangers of the jabs are censored nearly entirely in the mainstream (thanks to Ofcom, big tech and the likes). Lockstep same strategy globally. The left and much of the right seem to hate Boris now, and yet they believe him and his minions on the dodgy science? While no other scientists or medical professionals are allowed to debate any other opinions on any mainstream platform. No wonder more and more are waking up to the absurdity of all of this.

    • Who are these reputable scientists who don’t support “this”?
      All scientists, all the time, question what’s going on around them. They make observations, record data, attempt to put forward a theory that explains their observations.
      The theory is peer reviewed by other scientists from other academic institutions round the world. The data are reexamined, the calculations reworked, the conclusions studied. Eventually, if all the hurdles have been jumped, the hoops negotiated and the boxes ticked, the theory might be published in a Learned Journal such as The Lancet
      But that’s not the end of it. Better observations using mose accurate equipment or sampling methods might lead to a refinement (or refutation) of the theory. And so it goes on, with better understanding and more refined data.
      So: “But many reputable sciences and medical experts who aren’t on the government payroll don’t support this”
      How did these reputable people reach their conclusions, and where have they published their results?

  3. Listen to Democrat spouting his usual anti vaxxer rubbish. Experimental gene therapy it is not. All covid vaccines have passed trials & are in normal observation. Name one vaccine that has been unsafe after a long term. Go on, I’ll wait. Vaccines become less efficient when the target changes a bit but its still much better than no vaccine. If you got vaccinated then maybe there wouldn’t be any variants.
    Because some people get covid after vaccination doesn’t mean throw it all away. Look at how many do not get covid after vaccination. Thats most of us. Also vaccinated people are the ones who have much better chances & don’t get seriously ill & have to be hospitalised. You said big pharma so there goes your credibility.

    • Chris – the original experimental gene therapy jabs don’t complete their trials until 2023 – there is no long term safety data – how could there be?? And these didn’t factor in, adding subsequent jabs and boosters with a different make-up. The Yellow Card system illustrates the results of rushing this in.

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