Man fighting for life and two arrested following stabbing at Birchington railway station

The area was cordoned off following the incident Photo Kate Waters

A man has suffered life-threatening injuries after being stabbed at Birchington railway station in the early hours of this morning (January 14).

British Transport Police were called to the station at 1.17am. The Kent air ambulance was also called to the scene.

The victim, a 45-year-old man, was airlifted to a London hospital with serious injuries. Two men have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

A police cordon is currently in place and officers remain at the scene.

A British Transport Police spokesperson said: “Officers were called to Birchington station at 1.17am this morning following reports of a stabbing.

“The victim, a 45-year-old man, was taken to hospital with injuries which are currently believed to be life threatening. Two men have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

“Enquiries into the incident are continuing, and anyone with information can contact BTP by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40 quoting reference 13 of 14/01/21.”

A South East Coast Ambulance spokesperson added: “The man was treated at the scene before being airlifted to hospital in a life-threatening condition.”

Minnis Bay Hidden Treasures is inside the cordon  Photo Kate Waters


  1. Really is time , there was an intensive stop and search campaign by police and a mandatory 5 years for anyone carrying a knife. That includes youth detention no matter how young they are.

      • No doubt they’ll be more than happy to accept the consequences if unfortunately it’s their friend and family that gets hurt then. Personally i’d rather see those with a stabby mind set caged. ( permanently if they did actually stab someone, but that certainly won’t happen)

      • Would there have been any Police Officers around Birchington station in the early hours of the morning, just randomly stopping passers-by and searching for knives?
        Not very likely, regardless of any legal ability to stop and search.
        It makes me think of the new , unstaffed Thanet Parkway station, currently being built. Anybody fancy getting a train that arrives there late at night?
        Its not so much the legal rights of staff or Police Officers, nor the much-publicised long gaol sentences that deter, it’s the proximity of staff, officers and general observers. But actual people/employees are being designed-out of plans- to save money.

        • I wasn’t referring to a localised policy at stations but rather encouraging/empowering the police to stop and search as they feel fit anywhere and anytime within their area, i’d also have a couple of mobile traffic units solely stopping vehicles with defective lights and thoroughly searching those and checking on documentation.

        • Have you been to any train stations lately? Quite a few of them have no staff whatsoever. Westgate has no staff. If you are lucky sometimes there is a lady there 6 to 11 selling tickets. They are all dangerous places these days so Parkway will be no different. However I do not support Parkway, mad idea.

    • I’d hazard a guess that the born a bred Thanetians consume far more of the recreational pharmacists wares than more recent incomers, as to wether the incident was drug related who knows but certainly a possibility.

  2. This won’t be a random event, at the station in early hours of the morning. At least they have the (suspected) offenders.

    It now seems or feels like every part of Thanet is a dangerous place to go.

    Anyone (Cathy), have any idea how the investigation is progressing with the suspected murder in Garlinge, of Philip Stovel, seems to have gone quiet.

  3. peter – put it this way , i dont live in la la land like most people around here that will not face the facts , this is a dangerous and drug fuelled crime ridden place to live.

  4. Not irrelevant to me. You’re right, I didn’t live in Margate in the 60s (I wasn’t even born for part of it), just as I didn’t participate in the peasants revolt or the war of the roses.

  5. Getting like AMERICA. SHOOTINGS STABBINGS MUGGINGS MURDERS- For heavens sake. Where are the EXTRA police officers that CLOWN HEAD SAID AT THE 2019 ELECTION? This country is sinking down like the TITANIC-no thanks to CLOWNHEAD and MINDLESS DUMMIES.

  6. Anonymous 22
    Born and bred in westgate 60 Yr ago and it is not bad . Keep your stupid comments to yourself.

    • Are you thick?? Someone i know got stabbed in the face in westgate and there has been plenty of stabbings since not to mention kids getting beaten up randomly and i myself got chased by actual gang members for no apparent reason. You know nothing. Westgate is FAR worse than birchington try being a teenager in this day and age in areas like this THEN come back to me

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