Margate lifeboat and coastguard crews involved in ‘complex rescue operation’

Margate RNLI's B class and D class lifeboats (RNLI Margate)

A complex rescue operation involving three RNLI lifeboats from Margate and Whitstable and shore-based Coastguard Rescue Teams took place today after a person was cut off by the tide between Reculver and Herne Bay.

A member of the public contacted UK Coastguard around 1.30pm today (Wednesday 5 January) reporting being cut off by the tide at Bishopstone.

Margate and Whitstable RNLI B class lifeboats were tasked to assist along with Margate’s D class inshore lifeboat to provide various options should an evacuation by sea be required. Coastguard Rescue Teams (CRT) from Margate and Herne Bay were also tasked to provide shoreside assistance.

The person was found, isolated above the high-water mark, by Whitstable lifeboat and after assessing the situation and options available CRT officers established they could descend to the beach and carry out a rope rescue to recover the person to the clifftop. His welfare was checked and he was reported as being unhurt following his adventure. The lifeboats remained on scene during the rescue until the person was recovered by the coastguards. All sea-borne units were then released and returned to station.

On its return journey, Margate’s B class lifeboat was diverted to investigate a report of a small craft off Minnis Bay. After checking out the area it was considered the well-intentioned informant had mistaken one or both of Margate’s lifeboats for a craft possibly in difficulties.

Derek Amas, Lifeboat Operations Manager Margate RNLI, said: “This was a complex rescue that demanded a professional assessment by the various rescue units both afloat and ashore. We urge people to plan ahead if they wish to enjoy a walk along the coastline. Local signage is often in place and tide times are freely available online including from the BBC.”


  1. The RNLI which I support obviously has money to burn all this to walk someone up a steep slope. he could have waited for the tide to turn and walked back aong the shore istead of calling three Rnli Taxi service.

    • It might not have been full tide yet, in which case he would risk drowning or getting hit on rocks when the tide came up

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