Invite to meetings over Margate community assets and High Street pedestrianisation

Margate Photo Frank Leppard

Two meetings will be held in Margate this week to discuss plans to take on community assets and proposals for pedestrianising the High Street.

The meetings have been organised by Margate resident Jack Packman and will take place at Silvers at 59 High Street.

Tomorrow (January 4) at 7pm people are invited to a gathering to discuss forming a Margate Town Trust to look at investing and taking over community asset buildings for the benefit of the community.

Jack Packman said: “There are several buildings in Margate that are going to close or have been closed for years that the Town Trust could potentially take on and run. The meeting is open to anyone interested in supporting the Trust and doing good for the community.”

The meeting will consist of planning, mapping and engagement proposals and will also look at funding opportunities.

On Wednesday, January 5 a discussion will be held over pedestrianising Margate High Street and building on the work that has already taken place in the Old Town.

Calls have previously been made to pedestrianise the High Street, including from Fez boss Phil Evans who said outdoor space for drinking and eating could transform the lower High Street and encourage footfall along the entirety of the area.

As part of the £22,2 million Margate Town Deal scheme some £5.25million has been allocated for highway and public realm ‘interventions’ in a bid to improve connectivity between the High Street, Old Town, Northdown Road and the Cliftonville coastline.

Jack said: “It’s not about undoing any work that’s happened and is happening under the Town Deal and ex TDC Labour council but, about putting pressure on the plans and ensuring that they are what is best for the town, business and local people.

“Again the meeting is open to everyone and we welcome all views for and against the plans as we want true representation of the local community.”

The meeting on Wednesday takes place from 6pm at Silvers Margate.


  1. Kathy – I thank you for articles such as this, but it would be good to have a little more notice. I would like to attend this evening’s meeting but it’s too late for me to find a carer to stay with my mother whilst I am out.

  2. Hi Jane apologies its my fault not Kathy’s. I’m in the process of setting up an online access so you can access via video link for those isolating or with caring needs. If you can join email me [email protected]

  3. Can’t get there but please consider making Cecil square a pedestrian only area. Bus routes can be changed to go via Eaton Rd and past St John’s down to council building. It can be done

  4. ABC whoever you are this was part of the Margate master plan it doesn’t make sense by putting traffic along an already congested road the plan was for buses taxis and pedestrians only people didn’t want it and there was certain people who built
    flats at the end of Eaton road along the back. If people in cars from Westwood would use the bypass running along from manston would avoid coming through the town’s leave the buses alone we have the best bus services in the UK. You cannot run a bus up every road the traffic commissioners wouldn’t allow it nobody wants buses up roads that are not wide enough former chair Thanet travel forum.

  5. B s s you talk a load of b s buses have gone along Eaton Rd upto St John’s since time began. It is so easy to avoid the clock tower to Cecil sq

  6. My disabled daughter has a flat in the lower end of the High Street, directly oposite where Rat Race used to be. I am also disabled and I have to collect her by car to take her shopping. Neither of us can walk very far, especially with heavy shopping. As it is her waste bins that were in the alleyway to the car park were taken away when the owner of the pub closed the alleyway for 7+ years and since then have never been replaced so she has to try to struggle down to the harbour with heavy waste bags. Is it completely forgotten that people actually do live in the high street after all they pay enough council tax? What do they suggest we do?

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