Kent Surf School shares life-saving skills with Chilton Primary pupils

Andy Webb from Kent Surf School with Chilton children

Important life-saving skills and first aid techniques have been learnt by children at Chilton Primary in Ramsgate.

As part of their topic work about circulation in the body the Year 6 group discovered how to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on blow-up dummies as part of an interesting and informative session.

It was led by Kent Surf School’s Andy Webb who instructed each year-group class about the importance of basic first aid, what to do in an emergency situation, and how to perform the chest compression techniques safely and effectively.

Girls and boys were also shown how to use an AED – an automated external defibrillator that automatically diagnoses life-threatening cardiac emergencies and is able to treat them through the application of electricity which allows the heart to re-establish an effective rhythm.

They were also informed whereabouts in the local community the AED machines can be found and were awarded first aid certificates at the end of the course.

Year 6 teacher Helen Rowland-Hill said: “These sessions were organised as part of our topic exit point as the children have been learning about the pulmonary and systemic circulation system.

“First aid and CPR are important skills for everyone to learn and these practical sessions really engaged our children who are now have working knowledge of vital life-saving techniques.

“The AED machines feature clear instructions on how to attach the defibrillator pads. The unit assesses the heart rhythm and will only instruct you to deliver a shock if it is needed.”

The Resuscitation Council UK guidance on AEDs is that this equipment is safe to use and can be readily used by untrained bystanders.

Head of School Kate Law said: “Workshops like these are a great way to enhance what our children learn in their topic work. In this case it has given them extremely important knowledge that they can carry with them through their lives.”

*Andy Webb, owner of Kent Surf School in Broadstairs, is also a trainer of the Water Skills Academy which specialises in water sport instructor training and First aid qualifications.