Prison sentence for Ramsgate cocaine dealer

Jailed: Giles Lintott

A Ramsgate cocaine dealer has been jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Giles Lintott was found hiding around the back of a Thanet home after Kent Police officers carried out a dawn search warrant in July 2021.

The 27-year-old, of Woodford Avenue, Ramsgate, admitted being concerned in the supply of cocaine and was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court on Friday, November 19.

Lintott was arrested at around 6.30am on Wednesday 21 July, after Kent Police officers forced entry to an address in Hereson Road.

He fled through a back door and was found on a shared access path at the end of the property’s garden. A quantity of cocaine was also found inside a bedroom. Lintott was arrested and charged with the offence while in custody.

Co-offender James O’Brien, 36, of Cecil Square, Margate, was also arrested at the same warrant. He too admitted being concerned in the supply of cocaine and was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court to five years’ imprisonment on Monday 23 August.

Police Constable Georgia England, Kent Police’s investigating officer for the case, said: “We are committed to targeting drug dealers and will always use the full remit of our powers to gather intelligence and proactively target them.

“Lintott and O’Brien have both been jailed thanks to our approach. Their offending was brought to an abrupt end and the court results clearly show drug dealing will not be tolerated in our county.”


  1. I think that in addition to sentencing the dealers, the Police should identify, trial and sentence the people who provided them with the drugs – the higher level cocaine smuggler. Otherwise, nothing will change.

    • That takes effort-it is all about easy collars for maximum publicity. Just like the chumps who get caught at Dover etc carrying the stuff-they get 5-10 years in jail even though they are the total bottom of the pile patsy who take all the risks-often the groups/bosses will actually rat them out to police/customs purely to divert attention from a bigger shipment coming through at the same time, as losing relatively tiny amounts at customs does no damage to them in reality.

  2. Another couple of non-entities-one of whom will likely be out in a year or less & straight back to it & the other likely out in three years or less & the same under the Tories getting tough bs of punishing rather than solving, it makes zero difference as we all know they would both have been replaced within a day & the trade continues.

    Still, looks good for police chief/crime commissioner election times.

  3. As much as that’s a good idea these pair “may not have talked YET”. so no evidence against those “that provide” . Yes others will take their place but they may “talk” , Saying that after “the pair” have served time be it a year or two , a chat will take place , do you want to go home early like , see your wife and kids , your up for paroll next week could be home in a few weeks, what have you got to lose but your freedom to gain.Members of my family are in the force and that’s what they call intelligence.

    • They clearly will not talk, because if they do then there would almost certainly be reprisals & the one guy knows if he keeps his nose clean inside that 2.5 years will likely become 1.5 or less.

      The way you do it is intelligence lead-Liverpool have been incredibly effective at going after the big boys for 20 odd years now-but very few forces use their cutting edge techniques-both computerised & surveillance where they trace from the bottom of the pile to the barons, not only here but overseas. Here it is just picking up easy targets.

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