Work by 70 artists on offer at auction in aid of Ramsgate Arts Barge project

Bowie by Karen Vost

Sir Anish Kapoor CBE, Patrick Brill OBE -aka Bob & Roberta Smith- and Bruce McLean, are amongst some 70 local and internationally acclaimed artists who have donated art works to a fundraiser in aid of the Ramsgate Arts Barge.

Funds are being raised to renovate and convert the 130-year old, 50-metre, Dutch former cargo barge Vriendschap (Dutch for friendship) into an arts and cultural space to be permanently moored within Ramsgate Harbour.

Arts Barge Co-Director, Art Director and Artist, Natasha de Samarkandi said: “We are honoured to host a sensational line-up of local and internationally acclaimed artists for this year’s fundraising auction.

Pose Work for Plinths’ by Bruce McLean

“The enthusiasm, support and generosity of the artists and community illustrate the need for this important arts, cultural & social project.”

The Ramsgate Arts Barge project aims to provide access to the arts for children (2-16 years of age) living within Thanet, with profits reinvested to provide complimentary multidisciplinary art classes, workshops, courses and programmes.

The Ramsgate Arts Barge directors say they want  to put Ramsgate on the map as a ‘must-visit’ destination for the arts, supporting and championing local artists and attracting internationally established artists in their field.

That Place We Loved by Vanessa Raw

The project aims to create jobs and boost the local economy by driving footfall into Ramsgate year-round.

A planning application was approved in October for mixed use including; exhibition, event, performance and community space, artist studios, bar and kitchen and a biodiversity supporting top deck garden area.

The Ramsgate Arts Barge Winter 2021 Art Auction runs until December 5.

To view artworks and bid go to:


  1. Some actual art on the link for a change. Vanessa Raw was a talented athlete & now a talented artist-her website is well worth seeing.

  2. 12 years ago an artist was renting a flat above an empty shop as his studio, He asked the landlord would he sell the building to him.and how much did he want for it. The landlord wanted £160,000. The artist advertised for nude Male and female models for life classes he charged £12 for 2 hours to those who wanted to learn art.. He had 15 members in the groups 5 groups per week
    3 afternoon groups 2 evening groups. 2 years and 10 months later the artist become the new owner. Instead of getting out the begging bowl he earned his money He now rents out the two 3 bed flats and has is studio in the basement.

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