Stagecoach buses at Ramsgate railway station targeted by egg-throwing youths

Stagecoach Thanet Loop (stock image)

Stagecoach had to cancel stops at Ramsgate Railway Station this evening (October 31) due to youths throwing eggs at – and inside of – the buses.

Passengers were instead advised that pick ups would be from stops by Ellington infant school.

The decision was made to cut the stop from the service at around 7pm. Pick ups resumed at around 8pm but will be cut again if there are more incidents.


Police have been called to the station and the viaduct area on the Margate Road where eggs and flour have been thrown at vehicles.

Officers from the Thanet Community Safety Unit have also been in Ramsgate over the Halloween weekend.

Although many residents have commented on the good behaviour of youngsters trick or treating there have also been unpleasant incidents, including doors being kicked and damaged and Halloween displays being smashed.


  1. I wonder if it’s the same brainless yobs who smash windows. Did the police bother to turn up. The buses do have cctv.

  2. You’ll find them in the Jumbo Chinese on Margate Road!

    Had an egg thrown at me whilst running home tonight from pillion riders on mopeds but their aim is shocking!!

    Must of been at least 30+ youths in there on my way past.

    Karma will punch them square on the nose soon and hope they get what they deserve and not from the police!!


  3. I thought railway stations were the safest possible places for visiting travellers, they are our infrastructure hubs and I would expect them to be fully staffed at all times, with hotlines to the police force. Did Stagecoach provide taxi services for vulnerable people arriving with heavy baggage? Or were they expected to lug their belongings half a mile through an apparent war zone?

    • Ian Shacklock. Your ire is aimed in the wrong direction, but no surprise there from the entitled generation that you obviously belong to.
      Instead of having yet another poke at the local bus company, how about you getting up there and seeing what YOU can do to help the situation, maybe even stop these cretins from being vandals.
      No, I thought not!

      • I’m not blaming the local bus drivers at all; they are the victims as well as the messengers. I’m just miffed that a bunch of youths have the power to turn Ramsgate into an island. And the youths are just part of the problem; the root cause of all these problems is a government that champions austerity, cuts all subsidies for bus services, cuts police numbers and favours private transport over buses.

  4. Some people seem to think that because it’s Halloween, then anything goes.
    There have been several reports on social media of gangs of youths roaming around Ramsgate and throwing eggs at vehicles and pedestrians.
    We really do need more police officers on our streets.

  5. Stagecoach have had nothing but trouble over the years in Ramsgate when they first introduced their new fleet of buses the star buses on the 34 route through Newington were plaqued with youths throwing bricks through the windows of the vehicles and smashing them they withdrew the service around the estate at the time these vehicles cost the company thousands of pounds the problem today is no respect for people and property time to bring back borstal or recruitment into the armed forces.Former chair Thanet travel forum.

    • Brian,
      You are correct. Stagecoach suffered badly from vandalism in Newington some years ago and was the sole reason that the 34 was withdrawn from the estate in the evenings and has remained so to this day. Thank the yobbos, not criticise Stagecoach eh?

  6. In reply to “Moped Scum” who says their aim is shocking; what do you expect, they are “free range” eggs.

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