New bosses at The Hussar in Garlinge aiming to tempt customers with homemade food, open mic nights and family fun

Michelle, Dave, Keiran and Reece making The Hussar a family effort

It’s all change at The Hussar in Garlinge as Westbrook couple Dave and Michelle Grieg take the helm.

Previous landlords Rennie and Elaine Dobbs recently retired after manning the pumps for the last 25 years and mum-of-three Michelle said she took the opportunity to make a long-term ambition reality.

Michelle and Dave, who previously had public service careers, are now the proud bosses of the pub and the six room hotel business.

Michelle, 48, said: “I have always wanted the pub since I was about 18. My great-uncle owned it in 1945 and I worked there when I was a youngster.

“We lost someone around our age to covid  and it made me take a different loo at life. Rennie and Elaine had been at the pub for a long time and decided to retire so I asked if they would hand it to us.”

The couple, with help from family including sons Keiran and Reece and daughter Liberty, took on The Hussar last month and say they have lots of plans in store.

Michelle said: “We have just launched a new menu with English and Thai food in the evenings. Our chefs are Mandy and Juthamad.

“People have been saying that they  can feel the atmosphere straight away when they come in and that it is a safe, family pub. I want people to be able to come here and have a good experience and enjoy a traditional and fun pub.

“At the moment we are working 18 hours a day because we didn’t just take on a pub, we are the Hussar Hotel with six rooms!

“We are having live bands on Saturdays, open mic nights, quiz nights, pool league, football teams, we cater for weddings and all other celebrations and have a marquee for the garden in the summer.”

Fresh local produce is also on the menu with meat from Wales butchers and veg from Nash Court Farm. Sunday roasts, Hussar burgers and Thai Tuesday specials are just some of the meals on offer.

Michelle said: “Everything is fresh and it is all homemade.”

The pub also has Sky Sports Live.

The Hussar licencee list dates back to the 1860s. In the Edwardian era it was a popular hotel with its own tea, fruit and pleasure gardens, where grapes could be bought straight from the vine. It was rebuilt in the 1920s.

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  1. Best of luck, hope the proposed cycle lane going past your pub doesn’t affect trade too much.

    • Why would it? I (even as a cyclist) don’t believe this cycle lane is needed, but if it does go ahead then plenty of cyclists eat and drink too!

    • Get a life ,if it helps students to get to school and people to work easier it’s all good stuff, as long as drivers are fined for parking in the cycle lanes .

  2. No doubt these fantastic family will make a roaring success of this new venture you couldn’t meet a better friendly, genuine family if you tried ……. Good luck the “ Greige “ family Xxxx

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