Kittens and puppies join the class at Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Furry school visitors

Cute kittens and playful puppies were an instant hit with pupils who were thrilled to welcome the cuddly creatures into their classrooms at Ramsgate Arts Primary School.

Year 1 teacher Jess Barnes said: “The kittens were just a little treat for the children. One of the boys in class had them at home and they were about to go to their new homes so his mum brought them in.

“The children got to hear a little bit about what they like to do and how to look after them. They gave them some treats and enjoyed lots of cuddles.”

Teacher Alice Rees-Boughton from Year 3 said the puppy visit was “a great way to end a busy week for our pupils.”

She added: “The children had lots of fun meeting them and enjoyed having a snuggle. We didn’t introduce the puppies to our school pet dog Marley though – he is a bit big for them at the moment.”

The puppies are Cavapoo, a cross breed of a King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. They are from a litter belonging to the family pet of Head of School Nick Budge who took them in for an afternoon.

He said: “It was lovely to see the children enjoy the company of our puppies and the kittens.

“They were gentle and respectful and had a lovely time. As part of our overall learning we encourage our girls and boys to respect all animal life and discuss the importance of responsible pet ownership with them.

“We believe that surprise visits like this are lovely reward treats for our pupils who were keen to find out lots about their furry visitors and asked lots of different questions about them.

“The kittens and puppies left little pawprints of happiness with all the children they met.”


  1. What about taking to school dogs that have been abandoned and in rescue to teach responsible ownership and not just dump dogs when no longer cute and cuddly.

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