Ramsgate Arts Primary Pupils doing their part for the community

Pupils take part in litter picking

Ramsgate Arts Primary School is highly-regarded for playing its part in Thanet community life, whether it is contributing to public art projects such as supporting initiatives at Turner Cotemporary in Margate and at Ramsgate harbour; the Newington Copse Project; and the ‘big spring clean’ to tidy up the streets of its home town.

Year 3 pupils are the latest to find out more about their role and to explore what it means to be part of a strong community.

Year group teachers Alice Rees-Boughton and Kiki Amin explained: “As part of the children’s personal development learning their task was to understand what groups help our community and then to help their own school community.

“They discussed local people who help our community such as bin men, road workers, charity workers, teachers, and many more; and then they researched how the school’s Parent Council helps with projects at RAPS.”

The pupils each had to think of a project they could do in school to help their own community. Ideas included litter picking, making cards for the lonely, reading to younger children in the school, designing posters to ask for donations at food banks, bird feeding, and encouraging people to recycle. They planned their projects, and successfully completed them in their groups the following day.

Head of School Nick Budge said: “This is a fine example of learning in action. We are very proud of the role our school plays in the wider community through a number of diverse projects and initiatives.

“Our children are encouraged to embrace the importance of being responsible young citizens in school and out, and this also links in with our learning about diversity, ecology and our core value that caring for the environment never stops.”

Throughout their time at RAPS, pupils have the opportunity to learn about the environment in each year group ranging from recycling and litter, through the impact of humans on the environment, deforestation, climate change, pollution conservations, fair trade and renewable and non-renewable energy.

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