Teenage boy left with potentially life-changing injuries after attack at Westgate railway station

Emergency services at Westgate station

Detectives are appealing for witnesses following a serious assault at Westgate on Sea station last night (September 26) which has left a teenage boy with potentially life-changing injuries.

 Officers were called to the station at 6.11pm following reports that a male had been attacked by a group of youths/men.

 The victim, a 16-year-old boy, was struck and fell onto the tracks, electrocuting himself on the third rail.

 The gang then stole a bag from the victim’s girlfriend as they left the scene.

 The victim was taken to hospital by ambulance where he remains. His injuries are described as potentially life changing.

 One 16,-year-old male has been arrested in connection with the incident and remains in police custody.

Witnesses report seeing up to ten youths, wearing masks and balaclavas, in the area at the time of the attack.

 Detective Inspector Gary Pinner said: “This is a disturbing incident which has left a (teenager) in a serious condition in hospital, and there will be a number of reassurance patrols taking place in the area over the next few days .

“I would urge anyone who witnessed the incident or anything suspicious in the area at the time to get in touch with us as soon as possible, as this information could be vital to our investigation.

 “You can text 61016 or call 0800 40 50 40 quoting reference 391 of 26/09/21. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”


  1. He did not electrocute himself, this was done to him by his attackers.
    Big brave boys How would they feel if they were caught out without there gang and were threatened by others .
    I hope the young man in question will recover.

    • Thank you so much, this is my Son, I’m off to the hospital now, my wife is with him, hopefully they can fix him. Thank you for your support, appreciated x

  2. Absolutely sickening and shocking. My heart goes out to this young man, his girlfriend and their families. Please please find and prosecute the monsters responsible.

  3. The police will catch those responsible but will the courts give them real punishment? Also it’s all very well the police showing up after the event why the hell don’t they get out of their cars more and walk about like they used to.
    Advertise for some special Constables would be very helpful.

  4. The punishment the courts can dish out is limited by the laws made by our politicians.
    This government got rid of 22,000 police officers over the past 10 years or so. That might explain why we don’t see many about.

    • And just how would a ticket office clerk deal with a group of a dozen teenagers involved in a violent incident?
      Maybe this government should at the very least to employ the 22000 police officers they got rid of, then there would be a more visible police presence on the street.

    • Thank you so much, this is my Son, I’m off to the hospital now, my wife is with him, hopefully they can fix him. Thank you for your support, appreciated x

  5. Name and shame these absolute excuse of human beings!

    Dont let their age hide them.

    Hope the young man and his girlfriend recover from this but I seriously hope the attackers get what they dish out to innocent people.

  6. It is about time all Train Operating Company’s, were made to staff there stations 24/7, this not acceptable, to go to a Railway Station, and not feel safe, before travelling on any Train Operating Company’s Train.

    • You must be joking. That ticket office is open 6 to 11 Mon to Fri and that is it. I was there today and there was someone sitting on the platform smoking weed. Train stations are like the Wild West these days. They are hardly ever checking tickets on the trains now either, you are lucky to see the guard.

  7. Thank you so much, this is my Son, I’m off to the hospital now, my wife is with him, hopefully they can fix him. Thank you for your support, appreciated x

    • Perhaps Cllr Rick Everitt would like to channel his ire to defending the passengers at the station he so desperately wanted allegedly in the desire to increase his property investment.

      In direct relation to this awful story, I wish the young man a full recovery after such a life changing traumatic experience. My heart felt empathy go out to his parents and family.

  8. TERRIBLE. Hardly no police on the streets in thanet,no thanks to carmeron,clegg may,and now clownhead. If they catch the slimy sh-theads,they will only get a couple of years in prison,to them it be like a holiday camp.

  9. I wonder if these are the same gang of youths who attacked the two men in Dane park a couple of days ago ??

    It wouldn’t matter if there was an extra 50 thousand police officers, thugs like these are not afraid of the police. Perhaps if the courts actually started sentencing appropriately and start imprisoning the scum without giving them chance after chance after chance to reoffend then the violence will stop. Thugs like these are not afraid of community sentences.

    • The courts can only pass sentences within the guidelines laid down by the law. And the law is made by MPs in parliament. The same MPs who got rid of 22,000 police officers.

  10. Sickening and as a father of 3 sons myself agree with the fact that A group of youths against just one, well they would never get what is adequate in court, gutless pathetic fairies, I just hope some day what goes around comes around. Hope your son and girlfriend recover soon.

  11. 10 youths wearing masks in Westgate? Even though its in Thanet I thought it was a nice quiet town. Wonder if they were on the train from wherever looking for trouble, saw the couple and jumped off? Not even late at night.

  12. large groups of youths have hung around Westgate station for years at one time dispersal orders were issued to stop them from gathering there these orders were enforced for a while and then for some reason stopped I suppose it cost too much to police every evening gangs from up the line did venture down to the village, to meet up with locals with the sole intention of causing trouble which they invariably did it would seem a new generation of yobs have taken over where the others left off

    • Oh right, Ive used the station quite a few times and it always seems so quite and generally a nice atmosphere in Westgate, suppose its the same everywhere now apart from very small villages.

  13. anyway Westgate is a lovely village to visit certainly nowhere near as bad as other places in Thanet it was my home for many years I do hope the young man and his girlfriend make a speedy recovery.

  14. Just as in many areas Westgate has had problems with “troublesome youths “ over the years, at one time it was directly related to the childrens homes in the area, but this was resolved.Then the seating had to be removed from outside the nursery as it attracted too many oiks who took great pleasure blocking the path with bikes. The coop has been an easy/regular target for shoplifters , though most often its junkies from the squares.
    I moved out of westgate a year ago, but there were regularly groups of teens congregating outside the station who needed little encouragement to get upto no good.
    An unpleasant and unnescessary incident thats unfortunately part of the ebb and flow of life in many areas. Its unlikely that all the culprits will ever be identified and even those that are will be even less likely to be charged and receive any meaningful sanction.

  15. They are all cowards with no moral compass Wishing young Mr Harvey a speedy recovery and hoping ALL responsible are swiftly brought to justice!

  16. Really hope for the best for the lad and family.Have no faith in Transport Police at Ashford as sitting on train at Ramsgate when school teens got on drinking from cans of beer still in school uniform including a male teacher. Suddenly something from further into carriage was thrown and hit back of my head pouring blood instantly.Just then someone announced train not got member of staff so teacher and boys ran off.Told member of staff beside train who just said change platform or miss train.Assured cctv on trains and as wearing Hi viz jacket would be easy to spot was offered an ambulance to meet at destination platform but declined despite still bleeding heavily. Gave full details to Transport Police given promises they would get cctv.3 months after, voicemail said unable to find me on cctv! NOT EVEN REFUNDED TICKET COST, NEVER BEEN ON TRAIN SINCE! Remember saying if people realised that despite told cctv it either was not or they could not spot hi viz jacketed passenger hardly reassuring is it.Japanese lady assaulted on London train shortly after, no cctv for her family she died sadly but why do they lie about having cctv and not, remember thinking visitors to U.K. need to be aware. Please do not use derogatory terms like FAIRIES ? as although heterosexual, using Homophobic terms is ILLEGAL YOU NEED TO CURB SUCH PREJUDICIAL LANGUAGE.

    • An odd world where use of language is seemingly at least as important as mob violence resulting in serious injury to a young man. No wonder the thugs in question feel they can act with impunity.

  17. I hope the lad recovers a really worrying time for him his girl friend and family
    the morons that did this vile assault ——6 on 1 0r what ever you useless heap of garbage—– you need to be locked away with guys inside that will sort you out.

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