Thanet Rotary clubs combine for giant plastic waste disposal ‘fish’ project

The groups have been inspired by Fin the Fish

Inspired by Scarborough’s Fin the Fish, the combined Rotary Clubs of Thanet have been working on a similar project for Margate promenade/sands which they hope will be ready for next spring.

Fin the Fish was part funded by Yorkshire Water, so the combined Rotary clubs approached Southern Water and the firm pledged to kickstart the fundraising campaign for the Rotary in Thanet project with a significant boost towards the total expected budget of £20,000.

The installation will collect plastic waste for recycling aiming to reduce plastic on the beach, educate and raise awareness and complement the artistic culture which exists in Margate.

A Rotary groups spokesperson said: “We are continuing discussions with Thanet council and it is hoped the project will be given the go ahead shortly so that our crowdfunding pages can go live.  We are also inviting support from local businesses who can contact us via the facebook pages for Thanet Sunrise and Margate Rotary clubs.

“Our fish will need a name and we intend inviting schools to give us some ideas. It is hoped similar installations might be sited around other Thanet bays and beaches in years to come.”

Look out for further fishy updates through the Rotary websites and facebook pages .

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  1. It’s great and very much needed. But can we also have one that collects Southern Water’s sh*t that they regularly discharge onto our beaches too! Yes, it probably couldn’t be made quite big enough to catch it all!

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