NHS urge 16 and 17 year old to get their covid-19 vaccination

The vaccination programme

Invitations to have a Covid-19 vaccine are landing on the doormats of all 16 and 17-year-olds in a further effort to boost take-up in this age group.

Nationally, more than 360,000 people, aged 16 and 17, have already had their jab – which includes those who were previously eligible due to an underlying health condition; with more than 125,000 having their jab in the last two weeks.

Now 16 and 17-year-olds will begin receiving letters, inviting them to come to their nearest walk-in centre, with many already receiving invitations from their GP and taking up the offer.

Anyone in this age group can now find their nearest centre through the ‘grab a jab’ NHS online walk-in finder, with more sites becoming available every day.

Follow-up text messages are being sent out today (August 20) to make sure NHS staff are vaccinating 16 and 17-year-olds as quickly as possible, ahead of their return to school.

GPs are also inviting at-risk children aged between 12 and 15-years-old, who are clinically vulnerable to Covid-19 or live with adults who are at increased risk of serious illness from the virus, with 30,000 children in this age group already protected across England.

Those who are eligible include children living with Down’s syndrome, or who are undergoing many cancer treatments, had organ or bone marrow transplants or who are on the learning disability register.

The Covid-19 vaccine will also be offered to children aged 12 and over, who live with someone who is immunosuppressed, such as those receiving chemotherapy or who have had a transplant.

NHS Kent and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group’s Chief Nurse Paula Wilkins said: “The opening up of the vaccination programme to those aged 16 to 17 is a big step in making sure we’re protecting our families, friends and communities against Covid-19.

“With the start of the new academic year nearly upon us, I urge those who are now eligible to have the vaccine as soon as they can. By doing it sooner rather than later, the vaccine will have the necessary two weeks to build maximum immunity.”

A vaccination information helpline, 0330 320 4444, has been set up provide more information on the vaccine and answer any questions people may have. This is provided by Involve Kent, with translation available, if needed. You cannot book a vaccine using the helpline.

More than two million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have now been delivered at GP-led sites, large vaccination centres, community pharmacies and hospital hubs across Kent and Medway.

The National Booking Service (NBS) is open to anyone aged 18 or over, and to people within three months of their 18th birthday.

Details of walk-in clinics for young people aged 16 and 17 and services available for 12 to 15-year-olds can be found at.kentandmedwayccg.nhs.uk/grabajab

For a full list of walk-in clinics and more information on the vaccination rollout in Kent and Medway, please also go to www.kentandmedwayccg.nhs.uk/grabajab



  1. It’s actually scary how easily the population have been manipulated to belive in this crisis to change our way of living. The 4th industrial revolution is happening in front of our eyes . 16 and 17 year olds? Are these pharmaceuticals that hungry for money?!!!

  2. What is “the 4th industrial revolution”?

    Isn’t our government trying as hard as it can to restore “our way of life”? They shouldn’t be – there is still a pandemic- but that does seem to be what they’re trying to do.

    • Marva wake up. There was a way below average amount of deaths from April to June when we were in a form of lockdown. More young people are dying of suicide and overdose than covid. Look at what the world Econimic forum have been calling for a number of years. A new way of life. No cash, ruled by ai. Try going into alot of mainstream restaurants. You will be ordering from your phone and paying by it as well. As well any scientist will tell you that the graphs they put on the news are completely in favour of making covid look worse than it is and not in any way observing the facts. And you people blame those who don’t want to comply rather than government for leading you down a one way alley of lies

      • “There was a way below average amount of deaths from April to June when we were in a form of lockdown.”.
        Seems that lockdown was working.

        • And because people had been vaccinated Andrew, don’t forget, so they were not spreading it around! About 130,000 people have died due to the virus, and tens of thousands more are suffering from “Long Covid” which is damaging their health, possibly for ever! Over 500 people alone have died in Thanet due to the virus, yet there are still numpties out there trying to stop people being vaccinated! Why? Its beyond understanding! The one chance people have of not being killed by this virus is to be vaccinated, yet some people are against it, Duurh!

    • Not once told you to be healthy in a pandemic. Hugged and sat drinking wine while you was wearing masks. Sold big contracts to companies family or themselves had big financial interest in. Ripped apart our system with a tracking app that is useless. Told us masks didn’t work. Actually they do. Have an exaggerated way of figures. Built a hospital that was never used. Hide nearly all deaths and bad health problems people have had from vaccines. Squash any science that comes out that doesn’t match them. Presidents of smaller nations who disagreed with the vaccine have been killed. All this and you still aren’t awake

      • You’re conflating several issues. I’ll skip the socio/politics, and look at the science.
        You comment on masks. In the early days of the pandemic, the transmission routes were not well understood. But very quickly the WHO realised that transmission was by aerosol, and recommended that face coverings should be worn in confined spaces.
        The message from the UK government was to wear a “face covering”.
        This could be anything from an old scarf (useless), a face shield (useless) via commercial masks (of moderate efficacy) to ffp2 or ffp3 masks, which actually do work.
        I’d be interested to read an account (in your next installment) of “squashed science”

        • 20k dead from common flu on average per year in uk. More than directly from covid if truth be known. 5 average children die from common flu per year in UK. Zero from covid. Statistally more likely to die from one of the most used vaccines than from having covid if you are under 30. You are the poison pusher andrew

          • Please show the source for your claim that you’re more likely to die from the vaccine than from covid?
            Were it that simple.
            Also to be considered are the effects of long covid ( which definitely affects the under 30s ) and more deadly mutations.
            The more of us vaccinated, the better for all of us, including Democrat, Trete and 10ten.

  3. Please will you post some more installments of your fantasy, 10ten?
    After reading them, everything else seems so much more … normal.

    • Hundreds of thousands protest in London against Covid Passes and it doesn’t reach a single news outlet. A couple hundred people tear down a statue for blm and its plastered all over the news. Divide and conquer with our differences just like they liked to do to the colonies. They told you that you would be protected by the jab. Now they are telling you that you need a 3rd one and aren’t protected at all so need to be wary off those who haven’t had the vaccine. Who do you blame? The pharmaceuticals? The government? The financial power who have got richer and richer during the pandemic? No you go ahead and blame those who wanna protect their bodies and won’t fall into this regime. A regime that’s making pharmaceuticals billions. Spend 2 years destroying small businesses over a flu which most people don’t even know they have. Aren’t you even questioning?

      • People who get vaccinated want to protect themselves, that’s why they do it. Coronavirus is not influenza.

        • There’s not a problem with people who want to get vaccinated. It’s free will and its understandable. There is a problem however with vaccine passes and people wanting to demonise people who haven’t had it done.

        • People like you Marva. You won’t be remembered well in history. Gladly jumping on board with tyranny stripping away young people’s freedoms. You are about the same level as the secret police in communist Russia. This time and the way people like you turned on their own won’t be forgotten I assure you

          • I think you’re slightly over reacting.
            And I don’t see how making thinly veiled threats furthers your argument at all.

          • Trete- 10.57 comment: You are probably confusing people like me with the Taliban in your second sentence.

  4. Perhaps, “Trete”, you could answer my question rather than writing ridiculous things about people who disagree with you. Why don’t you use your real name, by the way?

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