Manston Green phase 2 and 3 applications submitted – but housebuilder yet to be announced for phase one

Image from phase 1 on the Manston Green development (OSP Architecture)

Detailed planning applications for phases 2 and 3 of the 785 home Manston Green development have been submitted to Thanet council – despite work yet to start on phase one which gained permission in 2019.

An outline application for the development of the homes, primary school, retail, community hall and road works was agreed in 2016.

Permission granted for phase one, in October 2019, means work needs to start by October this year for the approval to stay valid.

Phase one is for 220 homes and will include a mix of 1 and 2 bed apartments and 2, 3 and 4 bed houses. Ten percent will be affordable housing in this phase. There will be vehicle, pedestrian and cycle access from Manston Road.

The Manston Green plan, which was first discussed with Thanet council in 2008, also includes works to create a junction off Manston Road, a Toucan crossing, and a new roundabout at the junction of Manston Road and Haine Road. The A256 Haine Road will be diverted and downgraded with an access road connecting it to Manston Road. There is also a loop road within Phase 1 which connects the access road to the proposed new primary school.

The wider road will eventually allow bus access through the site and to the school. A footpath/cycleway also follows the access and loop roads with a second footpath/cycleway into the site in the north-east corner and the existing bridleway from Ozengell Grange to Manston village will be extended into the centre of the site.

Manston Green site

However, despite original documents saying Barratts will be the homebuilder for the project, a planning meeting earlier this week was told no housebuilder had yet been confirmed for phase one.

Planning officer Iain Livingstone told members on the committee, who were discussing an application for the nearby Ozengell Farmhouse, that phase one was submitted three years ago and approved in October 2019 with land agents Cogent Land LLP having to submit detailed applications for the remaining two phases by July.

This has been done and both applications are now validated and live on Thanet council’s planning page.

Talking of phase one Mr Livingstone said: “They have got two years to implement reserved matters. That means that phase has to be implemented by October this year to be extant – to be able to be built out.”

However, although the committee was told there was ‘clear intention’ to begin work on phase one Mr Livingstone said there was as yet no confirmed housebuilder as far as Thanet council was aware and work on site would be to “dig the trenches” in order to keep the permission valid.

He said: “We do not have confirmation that there is a confirmed housebuilder for this phase of development. The land agent will get on site and they will dig the trenches in accordance with the permission to make the consent be extant and be able to be implemented but as far as we are aware there is no housebuilder for phase one.”

Phase 2 image (OSP Architecture)

He did later confirm that the council was aware of talks with interested parties for building out phases one and two.

The meeting was also told it was anticipated that 20 properties would be delivered in 2022-23 as phase one got underway but there was no timeline for the development to be completed with it expected to take some 10 years.

Phase two is for  241 homes with 38% of residential units for affordable housing- equating to 92 properties.

The phase 3 application is for 324 homes with 38% of those defined as affordable housing.

Planning documents say the scheme will boost the local economy, stating: “Development proposals seek to contribute to the strengthening of the local economy by providing much needed new homes alongside emerging job opportunities.

“The new residents of the residential element of the scheme will generate on-going resident expenditure which will help to support local shops and services. The construction of the development will also support the local labour market.

Manston Green

“The proposals present a unique opportunity to provide infrastructure improvements to Thanet, facilitating the delivery strategic highways improvements to the A256 corridor, whilst delivering much needed family homes in the area, all to the benefit of the local community.”

Commenting on the development during the committee meeting Green Party councillor Mike Garner said: “Phase one they are going to dig the footings just to show ‘we’ have made a start but there isn’t a builder at the moment to take that on.

“Phase 2, the planning application has just been issued for consultation, that won’t start until phase one is finished- which has not started yet and ‘we’ have not got a builder for. And then phase 3, I assume, won’t start until phase 2 has been started and completed.

“So we have got a whole chain of development stuck at the first hurdle because we have not got anyone to actually build it.”

A decision on applications for phases two and three is yet to be made.

Find the applications on Thanet council’s planning portal under references R/TH/21/1082 (phase 2) and R/TH/21/1109 (phase 3).

The reference for the approved phase 1 is R/TH/19/0499


  1. Lack of activity probably due to developer caution of a ruddy great cargo plane coming in at about 200 feet by that point over their development every 15 minutes.

    Kinda makes it hard to flog houses practically on the end of a cargo runway.

    • Yes Alice, The photo in the article says it all really. 785 homes and a school at the end of the runway when it is more then evident how much harm this close proximity to the noise and fuel emissions are for people. The people who sell these homes and recruit kids to the school are basically inviting people to be assaulted, mentally and physically. It should be a criminal offence.

      • Why would an airport do well at Manston now? What has changed since the previous incarnation? It’s still the same location.

      • Don’t hold your breath Jupiter, your more likely to see pigs fly from mansion than you are cargo or any other planes.

        • The building on the Neathercourt estate was stopped where it is now, due to how close to the airport was to it concidered to be unsafe,so how can any council even consider development Mansion Green has been on the cards for years,last year i contacted TDC and was told they knew nothing about it, if permission is given let’s just remember the whole of Ramsgate is under the flight path.

  2. Are you short of some freeze dried fish or luxury race horses Jupiter? You do know these are the goods that RSP suggested are national shortages and on which their plans are based.

    Why would you prefer this monstrous pollution and noise and for people suffer the screaming disturbance of a flight path lower than anywhere else considered acceptable in the UK directly over so many domestic dwellings or without a public safety zone?

    • I don’t care about the noise,I live under the flight path and can’t wait to have the planes flying over , bring they on

      • Blimey. Perhaps “Jupiter” 1) is totally deaf,and 2) hasn’t heard of pollution or climate change.

        • I am not medically trained but my guess is Jupiter is suffering from Pillockism, and should seek help! Either that or s/he is just trying a wind up!

        • I guess if you are having your roast beef on a Sunday you are contributing to climate change more than any airport probably could. The large number of cows are the biggest climate change contributor. Maybe concentrate on becoming Vegan if you are that worried

  3. One word CRAZY. More traffic on those roads,going to westwood cross.No doubt this brainless council will give it the green-light.

    • The Council is bound by the Governments imposing 17000 houses on Thanet, and a flawed Local Plan, thanks to UKIP and Tory councillors.
      TDC can’t do much about it. If they turn down a legitimate application, they will be overruled by the PI, and possibly liable for costs and damages (out of our council tax)

  4. I suspect most desire for a cargo hub is anti housing development.

    The reality being houses are coming anyway. Mainly now on prime farmland due to the TDC and MP obsession with protecting the dormant airfield long since bust.

  5. We are still welcoming refugees by the boatload every day and now we are flying them in from Afghanistan so we need to get these houses built as quickly as possible to accommodate them . . .

    • I think this whole thing about lifts is rather unreasonable. The same amount of money spent on dropped kerbs, for example, would benefit a larger number of residents, as hardly anybody used the lifts compared to the numbers who use the pavements and need to cross local roads.

      • Marva “public transport” Rees what is so unreasonable about blind or disabled people wanting to access areas the same as you do? Thanet seems to be full of spiteful old biddies intent on upsetting those less able than themselves I would love for you and Queen ableist Phyllis to spend a day as a disabled or blind person to see just how you would get on that would mean you in particular Marva would have to take off your rose tinted glasses.where dropped kerbs are in place the able bodied use them more than anyone, look Marva, I do not like you or your attitude towards those less able than yourself now go away and play with Phyllis

  6. O K let’s have thousands of houses built on Manston(she says tongue in cheek) and let us all wait for the smog/ haze whatever you want to call it sit over Thanet then you’ll really have something to moan about because neither of those are there and gone like a plane is it usually dissipates when pollution level drops and with extra traffic from the extra homes that will not happen in the blink of an eye

  7. Let’s lobby our pathetic local MPs for much better public transport so that people don’t use cars nearly so much- and ideally , not at all.

      • There is, in case you hadn’t noticed, a climate disaster looming.
        It’s crucial that people stop burning fossil fuels *now*.
        One way to help is to encourage people out of private cars, which are so bad for the environment in so many ways, and on to public transport.

        • people in general and that includes you Phyllis are bad for the environment but I don’t see them being removed unfortunately people are the cause of this planets’ problems people with a capital P and before you start I do not drive so therefor no car so do not blame me for what other freakin’ people are doing you abhorrent person

        • hey ableist(Phyllis) I have done more for the environment in these last six months what have you done in your miserable moany little life apart from discriminate against people? eh! no didn’t think so , so do not preach to me and in case you haven’t guessed I do not like you like Marva are a troll a vile disgusting troll

      • Public transport is the less-polluting form of transport, but governments are afraid of losing car-drivers’ votes.

        • Marva has what little brain you had been replaced with mush? or perhaps dog do do probably the latter, thinking about it because you talk a load of poop regularly.

  8. Lets get the airport back ASAP. If they wish to build houses that’s fine, most will probably have two cars with the pollution that will bring.

    • John558 the problem of extra cars on the roads doesn’t seem to bother those in favour of more houses the extra will affect every one not just a few I honestly do not know how many time people need telling, more homes= more cars= more pollution never mind the virus killing people, in the future in Thanet it will be pollution but as you say bring back the airport ASAP.

  9. Phyllis look up ableist and don’t rely on others to do it for you but do you really want to find out what sort of person you are?

  10. All these comments crack me up. I am literally laughing out loud. Nothing you say or hope will ever change anything in this area. You might as well stand in what fields we have left and cry. I have lived here 43 years and nothing changes. So just get on with your own lives before the dreaded day comes. Life is for living not moaning or thinking your comments will change anything. Love to all and just be happy. Take care

    • Paul I have lived here for60 years and Thanet has changed beyond recognition ,Thanet does not have that country feel it used to have no cauliflower smell that used to hang in the air in the early mornings in place of those we have urban sprawl and stinking fume filled air everything has changed for me in more ways than one but as you say life is for living given the chance of course.

    • Lesley is spot on. The forces that prevail have no regard for our Garden of England, but instead wants to turn it into a concrete ghetto devoid of any of its bucolic features held dear since time immemorial. Sadly, many of the regular posters here embrace rampant immigration with impunity, and have absolutely no regard for limited green apaces we should all be fighting to keep for passive enjoyment or food production.

      The country we have known will soon be a paved over landmass of shoddily built rabbit hutches sorely visible through the fog of aviation pollution.


  11. I do not think we should be “locked up in our houses” and I never have thought so. What is the point of making absurdly exaggerated statements like “10ten”‘s?

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