Crews compete in 2021 Euromarine Insurance Ramsgate Week

Ramsgate Week Photo by Nick Champion

After a one-year hiatus Euromarine Insurance Ramsgate Week returned for 2021, and saw about 40 competitors compete in IRC and cruising classes.

The week saw the crews compete in glorious sunshine and with light winds for the majority of the regatta in the sheltered waters of Sandwich Bay, just off Ramsgate harbour. Neap tides and thoughtfully planned cross tide courses saw the majority of competitors complete their races in spite of the light airs that tested tacticians to a far high degree than the muscle power of the crews.

IRC Classes

Ramsgate Week Photo by Nick Champion

In the two IRC classes, coastal races which took in a combination of navigation marks and clubs own laid marks, provided a variety of enjoyable courses to test all points of sail, as crews competed for the full week series, mid-week series, QEII cup and Gold Cup.

The IRC1 fleet welcomed the return of Richard Matthews with the recently launched, and stunning, ‘Oystercatcher XXXV’ as well as Simon Farren in the Sintessi 45 ‘Tiente Forte’. The majority of the six races saw podium places were pretty much shared out between Oystercatcher XXXV, the John Barrett and Paul Woodward owned Corby 36 ‘Stiletto’ and Peter Jackson onboard the Pronavia 42 ‘Assassin’,

The IRC2 fleet were joined by David Evans onboard the Hustler 32 ‘Hullabaloo XV’, and saw a bigger spread of results through the week, with Mike and Jo Brand on the X-34 ‘Foxy’ and the Green and Thomas owned 34.7 ‘Cobra’ tussling for the series wins, whilst the Poupard family-owned X-99 ‘Expedite’, Hullabaloo, 34.7 ‘Warrior’ owned by Nick Rawbone and SJ320 ‘Scorchio’ owned by Paul Glover all kept the results mixed by taking podium places through the week.

Gold Cup

Friday saw the fleet compete for the Gold Cup in winds that ‘freshened’ up considerably in comparison to the start of the week, with over 20 knots providing a very different challenge to that of the previous days. The race saw the fleet head on a long beat up to the ‘Elbow’ mark, before a challenging run that saw several boats struggle to hold symmetrical kites in winds that cycled by 20 degrees or so. After another couple of beats and runs, ‘Oystercatcher XXXV’ came home for line honours and the win on corrected time, from ‘Stilletto’ and Rob Smith on the Stewart 30 ‘Kabluzo’. Class two honours went to ‘Foxy’, from ‘Scorchio’ and ‘Expedite’.

Series Results

Ramsgate Week Photo by Nick Champion


IRC Overall – ‘Foxy’, ‘Cobra’ & ‘Assassin’.

IRC1 – ‘Assassin’, ‘Stiletto’ & ‘Oystercatcher XXXV’.

IRC2 – ‘Foxy’, ‘Cobra’ & ‘Warrior’.

IRC Mid-week series results;

IRC Overall – ‘Oystercatcher XXXV’, ‘Stiletto’ & ‘Assassin’.

IRC1 – ‘Oystercatcher XXXV’, ‘Stiletto’ & ‘Assassin’.

IRC2 – ‘Foxy’, ‘Cobra’ & ‘Expedite’.

Regatta Series Results;

IRC Overall – ‘Stiletto’, ‘Oystercatcher XXXV’ & ‘Assassin’.

IRC1 – ‘Oystercatcher XXXV’, ‘Stiletto’ & ‘Assassin’.

IRC2 – ‘Foxy’, ‘Cobra’ & ‘Expedite’.

Cruising Classes

Cruiser class had 25 entrants across three classes; Class 5, fast cruisers including spinnakers (13); Class 6, cruisers including spinnakers (5) and Class 7 cruisers no spinnakers (7).


Classes 5 & 6 & 7 had 12 .7nm race in light winds (4-6 knots) with a foul tide up to Broadstairs knoll, returning downwind to Gull Stream.  Enroute to Ivor Thomas several boats went wrong and had to return to the correct position for Ivor Thomas.  This made an interesting final four legs with some of the faster boats trying to catchup. Class 5: RTYC’s Pippy (Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37) owned by John and Michelle Stoneley finished 1st, Medways’  Zephros  (Delher 34) owned by Tim French and syndicate came 2nd.   Class 6: RTYC’s Amelie (Jouet 24) owned by James Hodge and Rick Archer finished first.  Class 7 was won by RTYC’s Splash (Oceanis 34) owned by Ken Welch.


Classes 5 & 6 & 7 shared similar courses 10.8nm for 5&6 and 7.8nm for Class 7.  The winds were very light (3-6kn), and the cruisers went along the coast to a drop mark off Broadstairs with a fair tide.  Beach goers were treated to yachts sailing close by under spinnaker before returning to Ramsgate.  The winners were as follows: Class 5: RTYC’s Daylight Robbery (Robber Modified) owned by Andrew Ketteringham; Class 6: RTYC’s Amelie and Class 7: Haven Port Yacht Clubs’ Chimp owned by Lizzie Fisher (Limbo 9.9).


Winds were even lighter than the previous day with classes 5 & 6 starting an 11.5nm course and class 7 a 9.5nm course.  Both courses were shortened due to numerous wind holes.  Those boats successfully managing these conditions to win were Class 5: RTYC’s Daylight Robbery; Class 6 RORC’s Titch (Eygthene24, quarter tonner) owned by Steven Stokes and Class 7 Haven Port Yacht Clubs’ Chimp.


Classes 5 & 6 had a 15.5nm course and class 7 had a 13.4nm course.  Winds were stronger (6-9 kn).  Classes 5 & 6 had a beat up to Elbow with a strong fair tide before returning inshore.  Class 7 went up to the drop mark off North Foreland before returning inshore to join classes 5 & 6.  Class winners were Class 5: RTYC’s Daylight Robbery; Class 6 RTYC’s Amelie; and Class 7 Margate Yacht Clubs’ Impulse (Gibsea 262) owned by Susan Anderson.


A very different race with much stronger winds.  Classes 5 & 6 raced in the Gold Cup up to Elbow, a 16.4nm course and Class 7 had a 11.5kn course down to Deal.  Class winners were Class 5: RTYC’s Blown Away (Jeanneau 42) owned by Donald Gray; Class 6 RTYC’s Manana (UFO 31) owned by Michael White, Caroline Hodson and Lawrence Mayne; and Class 7 RTYC’s Splash (Oceanis 34).

A great week was had by all, with the Class 5 Series winner going to Daylight Robbery and runner-up to Zephros.  Class 6 winner was Amelie and runner-up Titch.  Class 7 Winners were Chimp and runner-up Splash.

Full results for all classes are available at

Ramsgate Week 2022

Ramsgate Week Photo Malcolm Kirkaldie

Ramsgate Week 2022 is planned to run from 17-22 July next year, with the Round the Goodwins Race scheduled for the 16th. The Royal Temple Yacht Club looks forward to welcoming all competitors including, fingers crossed, the very much missed continental contingent who always add so much to our regatta.


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