Newington primary football and sports stars

Reception Slalom Race

Everyone’s a winner when it comes to the Euro soccer tournament at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate.

As nation battled nation for the right to be to crowned top dog in European soccer’s showpiece at stadiums around the continent, young players held their own in-school Euro competition.

Children from each class represented one of the countries taking part and over a series of days the matches were played out in fierce and friendly competition.

There was no overall champ although the year group winning nations saw victories for Italy (Yr 1), England (Yr2), Turkey (Yr 3), Germany (Yr 4), Denmark (Yr 5) and Portugal (Yr 6).

‘Turkey’ team

As the tournament approached girls and boys were buzzing with excitement to get back onto the outside pitches and take part in competitive sports for the first time this year.

Although the British ‘summer’ weather was challenging and changeable, the year groups battled through a variety of conditions including rain and wind to produce high quality contests.

‘Italy’ team captains

Assistant Head Teacher Taralee Kennedy said: “Each team represented their country with pride by working incredibly hard as a team alongside some spectacular skills, tactics and goals throughout the tournament.”

The annual sports day was another success with children enjoying taking part in a range of events from running races to navigating slalom and obstacle courses.

Meanwhile Newington swimmer Zyrell, aged 10 from Year 5, was celebrating a fantastic set of personal performances at the recent Kent Splash Gala at Tunbridge Wells.

He competed in a variety of races and won six gold medals – breaststroke, butterfly and individual medleys; a silver for freestyle; and six bronze medals in freestyle, backstroke, and individual medley.

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes praised the determination, effort and enthusiasm of children involved in the football tournament, sports events and the young swimmer’s achievements.

Referring to the sports races he said: “Although parents and guardians were unable to attend, the children took it in their stride and showed true Newington spirit.  They had the opportunity to experience some exciting races with beaming smiles and incredible sportsmanship.

“We are incredibly proud of everyone who competed in sports week and those that were able to support their classmates and friends in their year groups.

“Big praise goes to those children who were nervous about taking part on the day but flourished throughout and really highlighted the true objective behind sports day – challenging yourself and never giving up. It proves again that our children are all Newington Winners.”

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