Barrier to be installed at Military Road to stop ‘rat run’ motorists

Military Road at Ramsgate harbour

Thanet council will  install a barrier and CCTV at Military Road in Ramsgate to stop motorists using it as a rat run.

The road, which runs along the quayside at the harbour’s inner marina, is frequently used by vehicles as an alternative route in and out of Ramsgate via the port access road and Royal Harbour Approach tunnel.

Thanet council says the road is not an adopted public highway and has speed bumps fitted to keep vehicle speed down but the frequency of vehicle use has slowly increased over recent years.

To remove the option of using this route as a ‘rat run’ in and out of the town, council leader  Cllr Ash Ashbee, has requested a vehicle barrier be installed outside the Ice House on Military Road.

A similar barrier existed here until 2018 but was frequently vandalised.  To reduce the risk of this in future, the barrier and adjacent area will be covered by high definition CCTV with signs about the control measure.

The barrier will be electronically controlled and all port and harbour customers will be able to pass through it using their existing access fobs which are already used to access other harbour facilities.

The barrier is a rising boom type which will be fitted with red led lights along the boom for visibility and safety. It will be funded from existing revenue budgets and will be installed in September 2021.