St Laurence Junior Academy takes part in UK’s biggest nature challenge

St Laurence children go 30 Days Wild

Across the month of June, St Laurence C of E Junior Academy in Ramsgate took part in The Wildlife Trust’s annual challenge – 30 Days Wild.

30 Days Wild is a fun, annual event, with more than one million participants to date. People are invited to sign-up and try one ‘random act of wildness’ every day, for 30 days in June and the children of St Laurence didn’t disappoint. They proved what their teachers already knew – that they have a school full of global citizens who care deeply about the world around them.

The school invited the children to record their wild antics on a calendar and with pictures. As the month rolled on, children were taking walks, litter picking in their local area and making bird houses and wood chimes using all natural materials. One child revealed his love of animals by sharing his experience watching tadpoles and caterpillars through their journey to frogs and butterflies. It was a fantastic collection of ‘wild things’.

Mrs Mountjoy, Head of Geography, said: “30 Days Wild has proved to be a win with our children and it has been great to see their passion for the wildlife around them. A very special well done to Charlie and Phoebe (and their parents!) who have really taken this challenge to heart and posted something nearly every day!”

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  1. Great news and let’s hope they continue year on year as I became fascinated with our wildlife as a child, feeding hedgehogs and their HOGLETS following mum hog like train carriages behind her. If any hedgehogs seen out in day that appear to stagger please seek urgent advice via qualified B.H.P.S. staff on line or via 01584 890 801 available 24/7 and if obviously injured or flies round any animal PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE IT TO BE EATEN ALIVE BY MAGGOTS BUT use carrier bag or whatever to hand if out when seen to make sure you catch it and ring for urgent advice keeping it warm and as quiet as possible fleas stay on hog if it worries you. Thank you from BHPS & hedgehogs etc.

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