Strict rules for entry to Dreamland Euro screenings put in place

Fans on stage after England won the match on Tuesday

Strict rules for entry to Euro football screenings at Dreamland have been laid out.

The rules follow some disruption at yesterday’s (June 28) game between England and Germany.

Dreamland is hosting a 1,000 seater fan zone, with giant screen, live DJs, and food and drinks brought to the table as part of its Summer Social events.

Last night disturbance took place as England clinched victory with some park customers throwing beer,turning up tables and rushing on stage – with one fan letting off a flare.

Those people trying to book tickets for the next round of screenings are now shown a set of rules that apply to entry and behaviour in the park.

These are:

Refusal of entry to anyone who staff feel is intoxicated on arrival.

All attendees will be thoroughly searched, including the use of a metal arch, and prohibited items will be confiscated. Anyone bringing illegal items such as flares or drugs will be refused entry. This will increase the time it takes to enter.

Table numbers will be assigned to a lead booker at the entrance. This will include an ID check.

Groups must stay at the table they were assigned to. The only exception to this is for using the toilet or exiting the park.

There is to be no standing on benches or tables. Any individual doing this will be ejected.

All instructions and requests given by the event managers or security staff must be complied with. Any refusal to follow a reasonable request will result in ejection.

Tickets for the Saturday quarter finals – with England vs Ukraine at 8pm – are listed as sold out.

Semi finals and the Euro’s final still have some ticket availability. Prices range between £20-£90per table (UPDATE: prices per table not person).

Book via the Dreamland website


  1. In the 60’s, Football was a pleasant respectable game to watch.
    Mod’s and Rockers were the hooligans.
    Funny how this World has changed. Now, people just don’t know how to behave at Football, Rugby, Cricket and most other SPORTS.
    Useless THUGS the lot of them….

  2. This, from the venue that “can’t” reopen the scenic railway because of the lack of social distancing…

    • Yes – its an absolute nonsense that 1,000 people can be allowed to crowd into the area in front of the stage and yet the same 1,000 people cannot be allowed to use the rides around the site.

      Not only are the lunatics running the asylum – they are running Dreamland too . . .

      • Not in the slightest. Now that they have the freehold and put it up for sale, they’ll only run events that stand a chance of covering their costs. There was never any real intention of running a theme park, from the moment tdc caved in and set the lease at 25 years and not 100 the die was cast.
        A long running debacle in which tdc have made error after error and which has years to run before there’s even a hint of a solution.
        The amount of public money sqaundered is beyond belief.

  3. I just can’t see the attraction. Maybe it’s my age.

    Paying up to £90 to sit on a wooden bench drinking overpriced beer watching a match on a big screen with no control over who else is sitting near you and how they behave.

    Or invite a bunch of mates round, sit on your sofa and get some beers in.

    Just don’t get it.

  4. So they’re going to remain seated! And told to stay where they are! Well saw last night at Dreamland on here ! Covids coming home !!

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