Minster woman due in court on theft and assault charges

Image Kent Police

A suspected thief is to appear in court charged in connection with shoplifting and assault in Ramsgate.

Alanah Huggins, 35, of St Mary’s Road, Minster, was charged yesterday (June 24) with four counts of theft, a public order offence and common assault.

The charges follow an investigation by the Thanet Victim Based Crime Team into reports of a person taking goods without paying from stores in York Street, St Lawrence High Street, Grange Road and a petrol station shop in West Cliff Road on Saturday, June 19.

At the Grange Road store, staff were verbally abused and one person was assaulted during the incident.

Ms Huggins was remanded in custody and will appear at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court today (June 25).


  1. Omg i dont know this person although i see similar incidents involving females & males every day. The female mentioned needs proper long term support, not short term charity (where the charity’s have photo shoots or their gobs on sticks photos appear)

    Wishing the lady mentioned ‘all the best’ .

    Tdc, i would imagine they want the current high shops that are actually trading to keep trading.

    Tdc could introduce a bond scheme, when businesses are burgled or shop lifted. Tdc will recompense the trader.

    High street shops are needed unless tdc have other ideas, why wait and wait for future un guaranteed funding !

    Who is in charge ?

    • absolutely pathetic, that’s like telling everyone to help themselves as tdc will pay for it all. proper sentencing is the only deterrent, not, oh, they need help. this lady stole from 4 different premises, and abuse and assault on top. too many people think they can help themselves, the shops are providing a service, it’s the shopkeepers income that takes a hit.

  2. If it was my shop that had been robbed and my staff abused and assaulted I would want that person locked up for a long time to prevent them doing it again. There is no deterrent to stop people from doing this sort of thing. When I worked for a shop in Ramsgate, we caught a shoplifter and he will think twice before trying that again is all I will say.

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