Teenage girl taken to hospital after Margate collision

Image Kent Police

A teenage girl was taken to Ashford hospital this morning (June 23) after being hit by a car.

The youngster was crossing in St Peter’s Road on her bike when the collision took place.

Kent Police received a report of the collision at 8.11am.

Officers and the South East Coast Ambulance service attended the scene.

A police spokesperson said: “A teenage girl sustained injuries and was taken to hospital. The driver was reported on suspicion of driving without insurance and without due care and attention.”

A family member has appealed for anyone with dashcam footage of the incident to get in touch with police at Margate station.

Police can be contacted by calling 101.



  1. No insurance??? Should not be on the road and needs the book thrown at him/her.
    Wishing the young lady a speedy recovery.

  2. Once again another idiot without insurance!
    The law needs to get tougher with drivers that break the laws and it’s about time the totting up points ends in a lifetime ban from driving for repeat offenders!.

    Bit harsh some might say… but you only get one life and why should it be ruined because of some twat who think they are above the laws of the road.

    Get well young lady and I hope this doesn’t stop you riding again.

    • If they are not fussed about insurance, they are sure as hell not going to worry if they have no driving licence. Many have neither and get away with it every day.

    • Disqualified drivers kill about 180 people a yearon average, so two and a half grenfells each and every year, but the public seems to find this acceptable given the lack of clamour. All rather odd really.

  3. If they get caught again once banned then its prison. Zero tolerance is needed now.
    Too many think it’s a race track or heaven forbid they are held up for a few extra seconds.

    How did his rushing turn out today??

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