The Smallest Show on Earth at The Palace Cinema in Broadstairs

The Smallest Show on Earth

The Smallest Show on Earth is being screened at the Palace Cinema in Broadstairs.

The British comedy classic was a key influence on Fawlty Towers. A newly married couple inherit a rundown cinema and together with their idiosyncratic staff, including a marvellous Peter Sellers as the drunken projectionist, resolve to transform its fortunes.

Characters Jean and Matt were excited to think they may have inherited a goldmine only to discover that it’s actually the very tatty old ‘Bijou’. Not only is the cinema falling apart, but the elderly staff who’ve worked there for decades are particularly uninterested in doing anything which might attract an audience. Jean and Matt set out to sell it, but things don’t go quite according to plan.

Tomorrow’s (June 20) screening is at 7pm.

If you are lucky you may be able to scoop a free ticket through the National Lottery Cinema Weekend – find out more at

Otherwise tickets are £6/£7 from

Did you know –

Is the Palace one of the smallest cinemas in the UK? Yes and no – the advent of digital cinema in the mid-2000s led to the creation of a lot more small cinema auditoria with 40 seats or less!

The Palace was sometimes known as ‘The Fleapit’