Belmond British Pullman train arriving in Margate today

The Belmond British Pullman Photo John Horton

By John Horton

A restored 1920s train will be arriving in Margate today (June 19)

The Belmond British Pullman will arrive at Margate’s platform 2 at 12.14pm. She will depart for London from platform 3 at 4.26pm, travelling via Birchington.

Originally launched as the Venice Simpson Orient Express ( VSOE) -owned by Sea containers limited – she ran from London Victoria to Folkestone Harbour in the 1980s,.

She operated at times on special charters around the UK for day trips and prestigious events such as the Grand National.

Now the Belmond British Pullman, all coaches have been lovingly restored to original condition, many from other long gone Pullman car services in the 60s/70s.

Pullman Car “Phoenix” is a rebuild of a coach named “Rainbow” which was destroyed in a  fire at Lovers Walk, Brighton.

The rebuild using the original chassis of Rainbow, created a new coach -risen from the ashes.

The Pullman boasts antique-style marquetry, vintage lighting and heritage upholstery. She will not feature a steam loco to haul it today, but will be diesel hauled with a loco attached at each end.


  1. This train is not steam hauled as the photo may lead you to believe. The lead loco is class 67 with a 67 loco at the rear. 67021 and 67024 are the norm for the Belmond Pullman.

  2. This is the third time the Pullman has been throught thanet this week , she normally comes though Broadstairs from Victoria from Ramsgate direction most fridays around 2.05 pm usually with a diesel loco at both ends.
    Thursday this week the pullman stopped at broadstairs station for around 15 minutes , there is normally a few musicians playing on the platform .

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