Broadstairs’ Summer firework events cancelled

Photo Broadstairs Firework Events

Broadstairs Firework Events has announced the cancellation of this Summer’s events.

The Summer fireworks in the town are organised by a small committee and run with the help of volunteers but the ongoing covid situation has forced the decision to cancel for this year.

In an online statement the events group say: “In line with many other events in the UK that unfortunately have been cancelled, we have sadly had to make the decision that we cannot run the Broadstairs summer fireworks that were planned for this year.

“These displays attract large crowds, densely packed along the promenade and bandstand areas. It would be impossible whilst Covid is still affecting daily lives to run a safe event, restrict numbers attending and ensure responsible social distancing if still required.

“As a small committee assisted by local volunteers to run these events we need to ensure that we are acting responsibly and not putting the public or ourselves at risk.

“We hope to be able to return as soon as possible and re-instate these fabulous summer evenings of bandstand music and stunning firework displays.”


    • Perhaps we should cancel thunder storms, too?
      Actually, there are plenty of dogs who are not in the least bit spooked by fireworks. Of they see their alpha Male reacting calmly, thay will too. If, on the other hand, their significant human shows signs of anxiety, then the dog will pick that up.
      I speak with experience: both of my neighbours have dogs, none of which is the slightest bit fazed by fireworks nor thunderstorms.

      • The fact that your knowledge of the fear that fireworks bring to many animals comes from your neighbours and not from personal experience of owning pets speaks volumes about your ignorance on the subject.

        Fireworks are a menace and should be banned. They are an environmental catastrophe, they bring misery to wildlife and pets and are responsible for countless injuries and fires. Only a fool and very young children who do not know better are impressed by a few sparkles in the sky and loud bangs.

  1. I’d much rather have fire works then all those selfish dog owners leaving their dog sh@t every where. I think that’s far more problematic and impactive then exceptionally well documented/notified/arranged/fun fireworks.

    • Angry Bender what the hell has dog poo got to do with fireworks?and fireworks are not fun for many animals domesticated or wild life this is typical selfishness on the part of humans always selfish think of myself and blow every thing/one else adults need to grow up and spoilt children need to learn to go without

    • Angry Bender, what about all the crap that gets left behind after the fireworks? The human litter, the smashed beer bottles, cigarette butts ,discarded baby nappies, empty firework casings? What about the violence that has also plagued previous fireworks displays in Broadstairs ?

      There’s no such thing as a bad dog there is only bad dog owners whereas there is such thing as vile feral kids, and parents that should have been sterilised.

    • Marva, you are an animal hater. From previous conversations with you on the subject of animals especially dogs, you have openly admitted to having no empathy towards animals and wildlife. You seem to condone the criminal and unruly behaviour of the local feral kids and criminals yet want to persecute animals and wildlife. Psychopaths also have zero empathy and compassion towards animals, explains a lot really.

  2. The fireworks only happen every now and again
    Dog doings happens every day
    Rubbish dropping happens every day
    Why take the thing that majority of people enjoy
    The August bank holiday fair still went ahead and I couldn’t see much social distancing going on there but give the fair owners their due there was sanitizer everywhere and safety on all rides

    • but they don’t do they Rosemary Lewis ? bonfire night, halloween, Christmas, New year, weddings, divorces, birthdays, bank holidays the list is endless and do the majority of people really enjoy fireworks? no one I know does

  3. I’ve been to several fireworks displays, both small and large, some in people’s gardens, some in country and seaside towns, and there are certainly many people of all ages who greatly enjoy watching fireworks.

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