Feathered friends make a splash at Ramsgate Arts Primary

Baby ducklings at Ramsgate Arts Primary

Luv-a-duck – baby ducklings have stolen the hearts of children at Ramsgate Arts Primary School in Ramsgate.

Children in Year 2 have watched their fluffy friends hatch from eggs in an incubator in their classrooms.

As part of their learning programme ‘Life as a Journey’ pupils have tended and cared for the little creatures as they took their first tentative steps, watching excitedly as they hatched and then being entranced as they develop.

They named them and loved watching them splashing around in the water as they had their first swim.

Pupils also learned how to care for them, filling their water containers, giving them food and cleaning out their cage.

As part of the overall topic pupils are also watching tadpoles as they develop into frogs, and are growing sunflowers, broad beans and cress – they are taking part in a competition to see whose sunflower grows the tallest in the coming weeks.

Head of School Nick Budge said: “This is an important topic for children to explore and experience life cycles first hand.

“It has led to some important discussions and creative work, and the ducks have become very popular with children from all our age groups who couldn’t resist popping in and paying them a visit.

“Hands-on learning gives education a better dimension and our girls and boys in Year 2 are really enthusiastic about their Life as a Journey adventure.”

The ducks will be re-homed.


  1. Sanctuaries have so many of these chicks/ducks that have been hatched. Ducks that are returned to the farms that provided the eggs, will be killed for people to eat. Please Google.

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