Summer restrictions for dogs on Thanet beaches due to come into force

Dog restrictions on the beaches

From Saturday (May 1) seasonal dog restrictions will be in place at beaches in Thanet.

The restrictions are aimed at helping to protect water quality and as a condition of  Blue Flag and Seaside award status.

The restrictions are also part of  Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) in place in Thanet.

There are ten beaches along the coastline that allow dogs on them all year round. Some beaches dogs are allowed at certain times of the day, and others have a total ban on dogs on the beach during the bathing water season.

The restrictions

From 1 May to 30 September, dogs are NOT allowed at any time, during any part of the day or evening, on the following beaches:


  • Minnis Bay (Main Area)


  • Viking Bay


  • Main Sands


  • Main Sands (Harbour end)

From 1 May to 30 September, dogs are Not allowed during the hours of 10.00hrs to 18.00 hrs on the following beaches:


  • Botany Bay
  • Joss Bay
  • Stone Bay


  • West Bay
  • St Mildred’s Bay

From 1 May to 30 September, dogs are to be kept on leads during the hours of 10.00hrs to 18.00 hrs on the following beaches:


  • Louisa Bay


  • Westbrook Bay
  • Walpole Bay

Dogs ARE allowed on the following beaches at any time, all year round.


  • Grenham Bay
  • Epple Bay


  • Dumpton Gap
  • Kingsgate Bay


  • Foreness Point
  • Sacketts Gap
  • Palm Bay


  • Fulsom Rock


  • Eastcliff
  • Western Undercliff

All dogs on promenades adjacent to these beaches should be kept on a lead.


  1. So it’s ok for all the dirty nappy’s and bbq rubbish bottles etc ,the mess is from people coming for a weekend not residences with there dogs every dog owner I have seen picks up afterwards and collects the bottles and rubbish agreed there should be a time scale mornings 7 to 9 eve 6 onwards

    • If every dog owner picks up, how do you explain the fact that Thanet’s pavements are covered in dog crap. Also dogs on the beach shove there noses in people’s packed lunches and wee on the sand where toddlers play.

      To be honest have said for years that if Thanet employed several beach wardens on each main beach, that issued on the spot fines for litter, the problem would be solved, the beaches would be much cleaner and it would pay for itself through the fines and create some jobs. But of course that would mean the council being proactive and thinking, there lies the main problem.

  2. It not just about mess (which is also prohibited under the byelaws). It seems to me perfectly reasonable that a few bits of beach are dog free. There are many folk who would rather not have have someone else’s enthusiastic, friendly and wet dog jumping and slobbering all over them and their picnic.

  3. Most dog owners keep to the rules but unfortunately some of them don’t. I certainly don’t want dogs near my swimming things, especially when I’m actually swimming.

  4. I would rather see happy dogs enjoining the beach with responsible humans who pick up the poo than the humans that poo on the beach and leave the trash behind. Want a blue flag and clean sea. Keep the humans away. Watch Seaspiracy

  5. That the animals might be more important than us. Ever thought we should be the caretakers of the animals and not the abusers? I think humans have lost the purpose why we are here! Being kind should always come first 💚

  6. What does “curve ball” mean? I take it it’s a sporting term.

    Why do you think humans or indeed any other thing is on earth for a purpose?

  7. Surely if we have a purpose it wouldn’t be to destroy our own environment and take us much of nature down with us in the process. I know my purpose is not sitting on a beach pretending nothing is happening and dogs are the pest. Humans have become the pest with all our expectations and belief that we have a right to exist over everything else that exists on earth. We need to rethink this whole humans are more superior than anything else in nature. We need nature! Nature dosent need us! ‘Harrison ford’

  8. something such as a question or event that is surprising or unexpected, and therefore difficult to deal with. Cambridge university definition of curve ball

    • How does it refer to the statement “The dogs and other animals are better than humans”? This is the sort of thing that people who like animals a lot say on these comment threads.

  9. yes, Andrew they do but humans kill or destroy everything they touch purely for greed look at the Amazon it’s being totally wrecked and the indigenous peoples are being slaughtered to get them out of the way that’s humans for you,not cats, but humans

    • I agree. I think some of the comments on this feed. Especially if this is open to the public people should really look into some research rather than gut reaction of own opinions. Plenty of information on the environment and the problems that humans have caused to nature. It’s not about one person and our rights to enjoy our beaches. But how can we protect nature for the future.

  10. Phyllis my mind is made up animals v people I’ll take animals any day can well do without trolls like you and Marva every time I comment the pair of you are there like a nasty smell but you keep on dear and don’t moan about my comments because if the pair of you are going to continually harass me you must be prepared for the answers you get I have continually asked the pair of you to leave me alone but no you keep on like a dripping bloody tap you sad pair of old moaners

  11. Jetskis are banned from turning right when they launch from the Eastcliff beach in Ramsgate.

  12. Here is the translation:”Thank God you don’t live near me.” Ond mae gennyf ryddid i ysgrifennu yn fy mamiaith”:”But I am free to write in my mother tongue.”

    Stop insinuating in your comments that you would like me to be driven into by a jetski while swimming, please. And stop being racist.

    • Marva a racist troll who thanks God she doesn’t live near me well Marva I too thank the Lord for that too if you want to talk in your mother tongue do it in Wales where ignorance seems to be the order of the day. And will you please stop replying to my comments I know you probably love me Marva but you are becoming suffocating now. Goodnight

  13. The seal population thrived with humans in lockdown. Surely this tells us something about the human population and the human impact on nature. Dogs have attacked seals but only when humans have shown lack of responsibility. We have alot to answer for

  14. Probably but we bread the dog so untamatly humans are responsible. Adopt don’t shop. Dogs are just dogs. Behaviour is just behaviour! If you choose a dog to part of your family you need to be responsible. It’s still humans that cause most of the problems

  15. Marva dogs will respond to the way they are treated if it has a nasty owner the way the dog behaves will reflect that if that dog is treated with love and kindness it will give unconditional love in return it is humans that are responsible for a dogs behaviour not the dogs but if you’ve never owned a dog you won’t understand

  16. All animals that come into my house are my family. Including the seagull we rescued as a chick. He still comes back for his breakfast every day. Be kind to everything. Everyone has a right to life

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