Emergency services called to injured person on tracks at Westgate railway station

Emergency services in Westgate

Emergency services were called to Westgate railway station this morning (April 28) after a report of a woman injured on the tracks,

British Transport Police were called to the station at 6.59am. Paramedics also attended and the woman has been taken to William Harvey Hospital to assess the extent of their injuries.

The incident is not being treated as suspicious.


  1. She was taken to the William Harvey Hospital why, thats 40 miles away? Can someone tell the ambulance crews there’s perfectly good hospital in Margate!

    • Depends on what her injuries are-they often take people to Ashford when they have crashed their car or been struck by a vehicle a minute or so from the Margate A&E entrance.

    • Because the patient would have sustained trauma related injuries and the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford is the nearest Trauma Unit. Margate do not accept trauma patients. Please leave these concerns to my more than capable colleagues.

    • Presumably because the William Harvey specialise in the type of injury the patient had.
      Believe it or not, decisions like this are based on more than just how much fuel will get used.

  2. Dumpton, it all depends on the type of injuries sustained. If a person has multiple trauma called polytrauma injuries they are best being treated in a unit where there are the specialist clinicians to treat them. The polytrauma unit for East Kent is at the William Harvey Hospital

  3. There is no major trauma unit in the whole of Kent. William Harvey is not fully classed as major trauma that why the air ambulance is often called to take patients from accidents in kent to Kings College hospital in London. Patients are often transferred from WH by Air ambulance to London hospitals. It’s really bad when you think of the stress on the ambulance crews having to drive on blue lights taking seriously injured patients from east kent to west kent and to London because we lack the facilities in East Kent, yet we have more houses being built and the population increases every year with many moving out of London.

  4. Does it matter where she went. It’s just good that she was able to go to a hospital. Wherever it may be!

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