Police called to report of antisocial behaviour by large group of youngsters in Ramsgate

Image Kent Police

Police were called after reports of a large group of youngsters smashing up fencing and setting fire to a community toy box on the Westcliff in Ramsgate,

Witnesses say there were around 40 young people and report that someone was assaulted during the incident on Friday (April 2).

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 6.31pm on 2 April to a report of anti-social behaviour involving a group of young people in Royal Esplanade, Ramsgate.

“Patrolling officers were made aware of the incident and attended the area however the group had already dispersed and was not able to be located.”


  1. What because the police turned up 3hrs after they was called. Like everytime in thanet. No wonder these little delights keep getting away with it.

  2. They attack on mass and disperse quickly because each one of them are nothing more than cowards, get any one of them alone and offer them a slap, they just cry.

  3. Slow response by police as not prioritised correctly. They can get away with crimes like these as they know either nobody will report them or the police won’t come.
    I don’t know how the coastal PCPO’s are going to work with just a couple of enforcement officers for the whole of Thanet’s 20 odd mile coast.

  4. Today’s youngsters have no respect for anyone or anything..they know they will only receive a slap on the wrist if they get caught..manners and respect for their elders should be taught at home and school..bring the cane and slipper back..didn’t do me and many friends any harm..ended up having a lot of respect for my mother father and school teachers

    • With far too many of such people , its the only thing they understand, usually they’ve only ever handed it out as a group attack, they’ve no idea of the damage that can be done . Being on the receiving end would make many of them think much more carefully in the future.

    • The little monsters know there is no punishment whatsoever. The parents don’t care or are too busy to notice their children are little c*#ts. Police can’t do anything as they are under 16 and have bigger issues to deal with than chasing after groups of kids. Unfortunately a physical punishment is the only thing that will work and I’m sure once they are bigger they will be rude or disrespectful to the wrong person and get a good old-fashioned hiding.

      • So many people in these comments with unresolved trauma from familial/social physical abuse as children and it shows.

  5. Two years ago a friend of mine walking back to her car in a hospital car park after she had worked a 12 hour shift notice two teenagers 17/18 years old kicking car mirrors off cars in the staff car park. Unfortunately for them she is a black belt in judo and well able to defend herself. When she questioned them they gave her abuse, the end result was the two lads ended up on the floor. THEY phoned the police saying they had been attacked by a “mad woman”. She had three home visits by police and was warned she could be prosecuted for assault. 5 months later she was told no further action will be taken against her and no action was taken against the yobs who damaged 9 cars.

    • If the woman defended herself from an attack by two youths, that would be ok, if proportionate.
      But if she, a martial arts black belt attacked the children, that’s a different thing altogether .

      • Yep different altogether, a lone female taking preemptive action to protect herself from a couple of strapping young men , who’ve been aggressively damaging private property, skills honed through years of dedication and practice used to show two oiks that they read the situation wrong.
        The police were only going through the processes, she was never at risk of being prosecuted and they silently applauded her.

          • Thin probably means they were of normal build, but who cares , two on one no matter the size is not a chance i’d take on, the lady did well. Plus it makes for a better story.

          • It dosnt matter if they are thin they still cause a lot of damage. Many use drugs makes which them thin.

      • Excactly that attitude that has led to this sort of behaviour. They know what they can get away with and the law will always come down on their side. If they knew there would be consequences they wouldn’t do .they believe they’re untouchable

      • The use of the word ‘children’ is emotive. These individuals are not cute toddlers, they may be ‘children’ in a legal sense but certainly not in a physical sense. They are tall young men but they know that they will get away with appalling and threatening behaviour exactly because they know from experience that there will be no consequences to their actions because the hands of the police, cps and magistrates are tied.

    • I have read all the comments with interest, my husband years ago was attacked in Dover by a group of youths. I say youths as this is what the police called them. Their ages ranged from 17 to 25!
      I confronted 2 of these youths and got warned of prosecution for intimidation! So nothing has changed

      • So you broke the law by engaging in vigilantism, and you’re acting all shocked because you got a rollocking for it?

        Well done, galaxybrainoftheyear.

  6. I heard these little @##%$ on Grange road for over half hour and no police showed up. Pathetic. Where do you go from westcliff? Either down to town, along Grange road, London road or along the sea front. Plus you check cctv or get descriptions, i mean how do you miss a group of loud probably off their face rat boys and loud mouth easy girls that would be so close to the area if the police got there quicker. Absolute disgraceful wirk from the prats at margate police station AGAIN.

    • The police are not bothered , they just attend and then run off . If you get a crime reference number and follow it up you will get fobbed off. We should not be paying council tax to fund the police because they are not controlling crime

  7. Yet another example of poor parenting in Thanet. Scumbags.
    Such a pity we have to put up with these parasites. Obviously the local police won’t do anything and have very little power anyway. My own experience of them is that they are little more than useless.
    In the interest of the future, I believe teargas is called for here, or possibly a machine gun.

    • “In the interest of the future, I believe teargas is called for here, or possibly a machine gun.”

      Evelyn here, fantasising about gassing and murdering children with machine guns.

  8. Thanet police are afraid of the thanet chavs. I had a hit and run outside my house last Friday. An elderly lady was knocked down and the car driver drove off. I offered my cctv footage to the police and the police woman said basically no thanks. They clearly didn’t want to catch the hit and run driver. This would never happen in London.

  9. It’s only going to get worse once all the new houses are built on the farm land up haine road and indeed all the other houses to be built all over Thanet.

  10. What with the poor parenting in Thanet already and the ghastly people who will flock down here from the slums of the Great Wen to live in an overpriced house in the middle of nowhere, I’m surprised there hasn’t already been a mass exodus northwards from Thanet.

    • Nah, most would rather just piss and moan in newspaper comment sections, without ever actually doing anything. Because if they did do something, they’d have nothing to moan about in newspaper comment sections.

    • “These kids are feral and need putting down along with their parents”

      You know whom else liked euthanising “undesirables” Duchess?


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