Knitted Easter topper swiped from Westgate postbox

The topper in Hengist Road is gone

One of Westgate’s fantastic, knitted Easter postbox toppers has been taken yet again.

The creations are made every year by a talented resident in their 80s to bring a bit of joy to people in the town.

Ann Walker, who is a member of Westgate-on-sea Community Spirit Crafters group, spends hours of her time making the toppers that then adorn postboxes throughout Westgate.

One of the Westgate toppers Photo Carl Hudson

The missing topper was on a postbox on the corner of Hengist Road and Ryders Avenue and is one of 11 created by Ann.

Last year several of Ann’s knitted toppers were also taken from their boxes.

Lorraine Hambidge, from the crafters group, said: “If someone finds this postbox topper thrown in their garden please can they let us have it back. Some little or big darling likes to spoil other people’s pleasure – from the pensioner who knitted and paid for them to the children who enjoy seeing them.

Westgate resident Wilfred Jenkins takes a selfie with one of the toppers

“Part of  Westgate-on-sea Community Spirit  is to get cross generations of people working together.”


  1. Love the decorated pillar boxes! Thankyou so much to the person/people who have made them. Brings a big smile to everyone! If you see someone wearing one do tell them they will be reported!!

  2. There’s just an influx of rent arrears Londoners in the last year in hmo s who will take anything they can sell for drugs, you know who they are….

    • Do you really think anyone is going to buy this? More likely just mindless yobs (who may or may not be born in Fannit locals).

      • Should clarify, I think these things are wonderful! I just don’t think many people are likely to pay much for one, unless they own their own postbox..

      • A junky’ll take anything they can get their hands on, wether or not they can sell it. The co-op’s in westgate and Broadstairs have nigh on daily shoplifting by this charming demographic. Add to it those whose mindset leans towards anything destructive/antisocial and its no surprise that some of the toppers go missing. Its the world we live in, you can only applaud those willing to put the effort in to make those little differences in the face of the actions of the less community minded.

  3. I walked passed one the other day and it made me smile. They are so lovely and this kind generous lady gives hours to making these for our pleasure. I am saddened that some disgusting person wants to spoil other peoples enjoyment. What a selfish person that must be. Thank you to this lady for brightening up ours days and I’m so sorry some pathetic person or persons has to spoil it.

  4. Its not just the knitted tops that get stolen, someone has nicked a post box! I walked down to post a letter in the post box normally located on the corner of Chatham Street, and Ramsgate High Street, and its was gone! It has probably been there since Victorian times, now its been stolen!

    • If this is true, then I think Kathy needs to do a story on it! More likely it has just been removed and placed elsewhere.

  5. I am totally not surprised at this, in fact i would have put good money on it. Probably taken by one of the moody bad tempered lot who feel they are being robbed by life. Perhaps it has been given to a cat or something.

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