The new Ramsgate takeaway ending rows over whether to buy curry or pizza

The Curry House and Pizzeria in Ramsgate.

A new takeaway is hoping to satisfy family disagreements by offering both curry and pizza.

In fact you can even have a Vindaloo pizza if the fancy takes you!

Mamunur Kamaly and dad Harunur, who are best known from St Lawrence Tandoori, have now opened The Curry House and Pizzeria at 130 High Street, Ramsgate.

The menu offers traditional Indian, pizzas, a combination of the two and also wraps, pastas and ice creams.

Former Hereson student Mamunur, 23, has been in the family trade for seven years and dad Harunur, 51, has been a restaurateur for 23 years.

Mamunur and dad Harunur

Mamunur said: “I came up with curry and pizza because I see a lot of customers at my other place order a curry then pick up a pizza at the same time.

“I realised that in every house when ordering a takeaway there’s a dilemma because one might want a curry but another in the same house may want pizza.

“To save the hassle of choosing and also to save customers from running around to two different places to get food, I have made it all in house with both cuisines running at the same time so that will save lot off hassle and time for customers.”

Find The Curry House and Pizzeria online by clicking here


  1. I hope their business is a success, but personally I think it sounds absolutely disgusting!

  2. In these difficult times it’s good to see a new business get started, I wish them every success.

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